Switchmode laptop psu's

Hi i had a good listen session last night…and it was good rather than great… I could not put my finger on it. Then toward the end of the session - I realised I had left my mini pc on which was powered by a cheap laptop supply…this supply was plugged into the plug strip supplying my Roon NUC and PSU. I unplugged it… and continued listening…and omg the greatness returned…there was more clarity, space, depth and resolution backed up by tighter bass. It was immediately noticeable…I just thought I’d share my findings… actually it is worth noting the mini pc also shares the hifi switch - so it could be some sort of noise being introduced via ethernet…

These do impart a lot of noise

I had a dedicated mains system for the Hi-Fi. However, the switch does use a wall wart, an IFI one, so decent quality, but this is plugged into a normal socket.

This keeps it separate from the Hi-Fi supply.

You can get better quality laptop PSUs that can reduce the noise, but some of them do come at a cost.


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