Symptoms of capacitor degration

Is lost of volume part of the symptoms when the power amp is due for recap?

Unlikely. Is it just loss of volume , or sound quality too?

Just lost of volume. Tomorrow I’m gonna go to shop to have it checked to confirm if the capacitors is in the amp ever since it was built. If it is, I’m gonna tell the technicians to recap it.

Output transistors?
What amp and how old?

I don’t think capacitor degradation will cause loss of volume unless we are talking about gross loss of volume. And if they were bad enough to cause that level of loss of volume then the sound quality would be seriously worse too I think.


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Unlikely to be reservoir capacitors ageing, there is a bit of a preoccupation of replacing reservoir caps on the forum… simply a loss of volume could be a whole suite of things… if it’s loss but the quality similar, then unlikely to be an active component and possibly a small passive signal component such as a resistor or signal capacitor going open or closed circuit… however if it’s both the channels the same, this would suggest something else…
Anyway absolutely a case of Naim service.

Today I just left my amp in the shop. The technician is not there so only Monday or Tuesday he’ll give me the news.

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