Sync problem with uniti star and tv

Hello everybody.

I think I have posted this some years ago but I will give it a new try:

I have the Naim Uniti Star and I try to connect it with my Sony bravia from 2017.
I have tried it with hdmi, optic in every possible way, but:

Sync doesn’t even come close, I have done everything I could, from hardware to sync in the software, but nothing works.
At one point it did seem to work for a day, but then the problem reooccured

It is so sad that a 5k amplifier and a 2K tv aren’t able to work together.

Anyone with a solution?
I would be very grateful

I’ve had a few Sony TV’s. Some manufacturers do have sync settings that can be adjusted, but Sont dont seem to. My latest Song doesn’t have an issue, but the old one did a bit. I use optical, but you may be able to use line out, which should suffer any issues as its basically just a speaker extension. Also check you are set to PCM in the Sony TV settings

I have a 2016 Sony & its connected with optical to NDX and has no sync problems at all.
Sorry I know thats not helping, but the only thing that I can think of is to check you have the Sony set to PCM
Setting sound for digital audio output.

It’s also worth checking the Sony menus to see whether there are any extra processing modes enabled and switch them off. It’s these that often cause sync delays.

It is a Sony issue, my Star was fine with my Panasonic TV. My parents use a Muso with their Sony TV and they had real problems with sorting it out but did eventually find a setting hidden away in one of the Sony settings, buried deep within the menu system and labelled opaquely if I recall correctly.

I have done all the various settings. Line,pcm, lypsunc software etc. None of m work

Oh, I cant see why TV Line out to the Star wouldn’t work as it should be a more-or-less direct link to the speakers. Did you get no sound, or delayed sound? Also what model Sony TV is it?

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