Synergistic Research HFT

So been waiting to try these for sometime, finally bought a set, but not managing a stable A-B-A, as whilst waiting for a new server i removed the Cisco 2960 and also plugged the Nova into the the Wireworld 6 way.

So i base lined what i had, a definite step down (vs the Innuos Zen Mini 3 - Cisco 2960 removed), listened to around 4 varied tracks.

I then quickly introduced the SR HFT, so another issue, the dealer sent the fine tune version (HFT 2.0), i thought may as well try before returning them. Very simple install just add a small dot of blutac and press on to the position SR advise, though this can be tweaked to suit.

Now the SR HFT (set of 5) are £270, the size of a small shirt button, nothing impressive to justify the cost.

I must say not a wow in your face, but very quickly a marked change, that being a wider soundstage, more attack, bass firmer and the sound coming from areas it did not before, as opposed center stage and close around the speakers. Dare i say (maybe) much more of an improvement than the Innuos server.

In the past i tried room damping materials, they did just that damp and suck the life out of the music, but the SR seem to clean up things.

I plan to return these, wait the arrival of the Innuos, let that settle, then maybe reorder the SR HFT.


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