Syng Cell Alpha Speaker

I stumbled across the Syng Cell Alpha Speaker this morning. According to the website, it is a revolutionary design based on something called Triphonic audio, more on the website.

I am somewhat sceptical about the claims. What do others think?

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It reminds a bit of the Devialet Phantom perhaps…

Designwise it looks pretty cool, and it seems to provide an omnidirectional soundscape which is nice.

They offer a 100-day ‘risk free’ listening trial, so it does seem they are confident in it’s performance.

Precious little info on their website rather useless really: no specifications, no measurements - nothing to create a flicker of expectation…

Whilst reviews are not always very meaningful, in the absence of any, and nothing on their website, it is up to punters with time and energy to spare, and money they don’t mind lodging for a trial period, to buy and try and become the first reviewers.

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I’ve been reading up a bit more on these Syng Cell Alpha speakers, and i have to say it does sound quite interesting.

You can pair up 3 of them, the system then creates a 3d model of the room using microphones in the stands of the speakers, to create a fully immersive, room filling sound.

The company was started by a former Apple designer and currently has 50 employees after a $15M investment round. So they seem pretty serious about this.

Interested in some actual reviews and real world application. :+1:

It suggests itself as something for people playing music from phones, aimed at the masses (though the price might limit that), rather than being aimed at the hifi end of the market where people are more interested in sound quality than the latest tech and convenience. Maybe they’re trying to create a new niche for themselves, midway between the mass ear bud or wireless speaker phone music listener and serious hifi, but pitched differently from Muso which I suppose is at that level.

Yes i think so too.

An interesting question perhaps is what constitutes ‘sound quality’. In traditional hifi we are used to approach this from the perspective of a directional 2-speaker setup where immersiveness is sacrificed for (relative) tonal accuracy. But if a speaker system is slightly less accurate but a lot more immersive, that could mean that the overall experience will eventually be more engaging or enjoyable.

It’s an interesting trade off i think.

Listening impressions and preliminary reviews of the Syng Alpha speaker are starting to trickle in, and people seem to be quite impressed.

A snippet of what one journalist wrote:

Then, the Syng Cell Alpha speaker produced a couple of audible sounds, indicating it was ready for something. Those few, brief pulsing sounds were the moment I knew I was about to be blown away by what this unique orb was housing inside its clear exterior.

Those sonar-like sounds were working together with integrated microphones to map my room and orient it in its new space. After I connected the Syng mobile app, I was ready to play my first song using either AirPlay or Spotify Connect. I put on “Summertime Magic” by Childish Gambino and, 18 seconds in, I experienced disbelief with the room-filling bass produced by this compact, basketball-size speaker.

Over the last eight years, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to audio on possibly hundreds of different products—from earbuds and headphones to all kinds of speakers. Some are much better than others, but I’ve never texted friends and told them they should come over to listen to a speaker. I did just that this time.

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