Synology DiskStation DS418j

Thinking of getting this NAS Synology DiskStation DS418j
Probably also get 4 x 4TB Iron Wolf drives
Anyone got any comments?
Hopefully it will be used with a NDX2 yet to be purchased.

Is there a reason you want a 4 bay, why not 2 bay & higher spec CPU
Personally I would choose WD Red HDD’s more energy-efficient, run cooler & have lower (5400 vs 7200rpm) drive speed

4 bay due to also backing up my photo collection. Lots and lots of large RAW files. Already got close to 3TB but need to delete some of them.
Take your point about WD Red HDDs

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I like to use a second NAS for automatic backup, so I would consider a 1 bay NAS for music (maybe 2 bay if your library is too big to fit on one). Then back it up to the same larger NAS that holds your photo backup.

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