Synology DSM 7.0 and Naim App

Just upgraded from Synology 212j DSM 6.0 to 718+ NAS with DSM 7.0.

The DiskStation has disappeared from the Naim app. I am not able to see the Synology DiskStation anymore under my 272 or Muso.

Can anyone please tell me what I can do to make them appear again ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

I updated to DSM-7 as soon as it released to public.
I didn’t have any such problems, it just opened up as normal & all I had to do was learn the new bits.

However, reading the dBpoweamp forum on Asset.

It’s a step by set setup guide that was published in response to similar difficulties as yourself, hope it has your solution.

thanks for enlightening me. Now I can see DiskStation after installation AssetUPnP in DSM 7.0 environment. One question on Asset UPnP, how could I set it in such a way so that Naim app can browse by folder ?

As of now, I see only see Artist, Album, Title, Composer

Thanks a lot.

That’s a setting in your Asset browser settings - Folders & Filename Browsing.
The standard Asset browsing defaults I find a little more than I need so I’ve edited it down to suit my preferences, this something you must do.

The first picture is how it looks on my iPad browser screen
The second pic is my own edited browsing selection and the edits needed.

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[Mike-B]: thank you so so much. I was able to copy your settings and make it work.

I still have a Squeezebox Touch. I understand Synology doesn’t support it in after DSM 6.0. Just wondering if anyone know there’s a way to connect Naim app thru Logitech media server anymore in DSM 7.0 environment ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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