Synology DSM 7.1

Synology have released a new NAS update, DSM 7.1.
It looks to have a lot more new features, not sure what they all do other than not much for just audio.

Anyone tried it yet, I will be running mine next week.

I note that some packages will NOT be updated automatically. You will need to update them manually via Download Center.

DSM 7.1 will be the last upgradable version for a list older models, check the Synology Download Center list for your models.
It includes my DS214 & I note the list includes year 2015 models.

Nothing Showing up here on either of my NASs (220j &216j)


Edit: There is mention of an update 3 in Notifications, so I assume it’ll turn up on the Update page eventually…

Not showing up on my 718+.
I do like to wait a bit, Synology sometimes get it a bit wrong and have been known to pull a release.

Some NAS models require a manual update after downloading the package from the Synology site.

This is the last update for a lot of NAS models, that last supported models can be seen on the Synology update page.

Hi Suzywong, I’ve been on 7.0.1 update 3 since it was released, I have to update manually these days, I’m not at all sure what’s going on with auto-updates as it appears Synology have dropped this feature on older models. Noting they have included with their release advisories since DSM 7. “Some packages will NOT be updated automatically. You will need to update them manually via Download Center”.

I will manually install DSM 7.1 when I get home next week.

I’ve done 7.1 on the 220j, and am now in the process of doing the 216j.

It’s telling me that I need to sign into my Synology account.

[RANT] I don’t have a Synology account and I don’t particularly want one. I am sick and tired of organisations demanding my private details and that I “set up an account” before they’ll even allow me to wipe my ar$e! All they want is to fill my email with cr@p. So I’ve had to waste my time signing up for an account I don’t want and then I’ll have to waste more of my time in disabling every bit that I didn’t need in the first place. [/RANT]

Ah, that felt so much better :laughing:

Other than that, it seems to be going OK. Time for a G&T

Edit: All seems to be done. Thanks, Mike, for the heads-up.


I’ve updated to DSM-7.1 on Synology DS214.
My concern was if Asset UPnP was affected, pleased to say it work’s just fine.

Update install took longer than normal & installed some packages that I don’t need, but I always uninstall any unwanted that can be uninstalled.
Previous user setting were unchanged (as far as I can see)
CPU & RAM look to be much that same as DSM-7 (higher than DSM-6)

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