Synology, minimiserver and Nova Best format


I am actually using my naim Nova most of the time by upnp server on my synology nas.

I am triying différent configuration with minimiserver transcoding and convolving capability. Which is the best format to send to thé nova ? Is it Best to transcode into wav file or to let the original format on minimiserver and the streamer to decode it ? By the way, which format will be the best for the nova wav, wav24, wav32, fixed samplerate ?

Most people who’ve tried it have reported either no negative effects, or positive benefits from having the server software transcode to wav of the fly. This is plausibly because the streamers transcode other formats to wav internally, and saving the processing overhead by feeding them wav files in the first place means less electrical noise is generated in the streamer.

When I was setting Minimserver up, I tried it out and thought transcoding to wav sounded slightly better, so I left it that way. I’m not sure I could tell in a blind test, but there’s no obvious downside to leaving transcoding on, so that’s how it’s stayed.

As for which kind of wav, I’d have thought leaving the sample rate as it is would make most sense - transcoding a 16 bit file to 24 bits wouldn’t add any musical information, it’d just pad the file out with lots of redundant 0s. But maybe it’s worth experimenting.

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