Synology NAS looses tracks

I use a Synology NAS since 2012. I transferred all my CDs on it. Unfortunately, it keeps on losing tracks and images. The NAS is not reporting any problem. Has anyone had that experience? Could any anyone provide some advice?



Do you mean that the tracks disappear on your (Naim) streamer? If so, using the app to clear the UPnP cache and image cache may help. Also can you rescan the drive on your server?

This is not Synology NAS per se. What media server are you using

The only way fir that to actually happen would be something on your PC(Mac) deleting or modifying the files so that they’re no longer identifiable or readable

Thank you for the answers.

I don’t think my Mac has any role here since I am rarely accessing the NAS and never to delete files.

To be a bit more precise, I keep on retagging some of the files because the images disappear. I have sometimes copied several times the same song on the NAS (out of Qobuz). Lately, I found out that half a record had been chopped of and that a song finished in the middle.

The media server I use is the one provided by Synology.

What I really don’t understand is that I didn’t delete any file from the PC. The media server shouldn’t do any thing like that and there is no error message from the NAS.


I used Synology’s ‘Media Server’ for a few years & have never encountered what you are experiencing.
I suspect something has not been set up properly & its probably just the one item

You say you keep ‘retagging’ because the images disappear ?? What do you mean by retagging, once the metadata is entered it does not disappear
Have you run a re-index after you make changes ?
What are you using to make changes to metadata (PC or Mac) ?
What metadata software are you using ?
What are all the Synology packages you have installed & running ?

Have you checked the SMART statistics for the drive(s) in question?

What Synology NAS are you using?
What drive(s) are you using?
Do you use RAID (either RAID 1 or Synology Hybrid RAID)?

Do you have any discovery (or network browsing issues) like delayed discovery from the Naim app?

What are you using to view the files when you see that some of them disappear? Are they missing when you open them in a Mac Finder window?

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