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Have just taken delivery of my Nova and now using the app far more via iPad/iPhone.
Currently using Synology’s own Audio Station as the server but I read a lot about Asset and MinimServer. Are there any advantages in changing to a different server?
Will the metadata be read/ sorted better for example? I have a few problems with the app where folders/ albums are in the wrong place. This could of course just be my user error but there seem to be a few too many for even my incompetence!

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Audio Station is not the UPnP server, that’s for linking over web to other devises.
UPnP is in the Synology Package Center called “Media Server”. It’s not the brightest bulb in the box & you will find the included MinimServer or (IMO) Asset far better

I bought a Synology NAS in 2013 and initially considered using their Audio Station app. For my serving / listening needs (80% classical music) I found MinimServer to be far better. In particular it has rigorous checking of music files and excellent handling of metadata. I’ve not found any reason subsequently to change the server software I use.

Thanks @Mike-B

That was my error when asking my question and messing with the NAS at the same time!
Appreciate the help.

Thanks also @DavidAL

It seems both MinimServer and Asset or both better than I’m currently using. I shall investigate further. I suppose one advantage of MinimServer is that I can install it directly from the package centre.

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A further question (probably stupid) but I have just downloaded and installed Asset. Should I stop the old Synology Media Server from running now and just let Asset do the job?

Hi again, leaving Media Server installed will not affect Asset.
However I always uninstall everything I don’t use simply because its still using CPU & RAM.

Keep posting on Asset, if you need help & how you like it etc …

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Thanks Mike, very much appreciated

I would uninstall media server and just let asset run.
Otherwise your app will see two upnp servers…messy.

I popped an extra 4gb of Ram into my synology 218+. It was ok with the standard 2gb, but then again I never trialled Roon with it like that.
6gb is plenty to act as my music and other media server.

Exactly what I’ve done :+1:. Cheers

One other question whilst I play around with Asset. I have a one month trial. Once I pay for the full premium version how do I register that on my Synology. It’s the only place it’s installed.

Uninstall the trial. Install the paid version

Great, thanks again

You don’t need to do this.
You must have control of the Synolgy via a computer with a web interface. If you navigate to the asset main page you will see number of days left on trial. After the trial runs out you get a prompt to log in and pay. Once you have done this just follow the instructions and Asset will reopen in your new paid version.

… and then you can see what it can really do.

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