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I would like advice on which to take between Qnap and Synology. I already have a Naim 2tb Unitiserve at home and a WD my cloud 3 tb.mi is interested in having more quality for music formats.

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Ciao Andrea, I use Synology & have a DS214 which is a two bay (2xHDD’s) & a 2014 model.
Because I’m so familiar with it, I am a little biased, its reliable in that its never failed or needed any special attention. The GUI (computer screen interface) is easy to use. There are a lot of included software business & security packages & Synology send updates for all these automatically (www) on a very regular basis. This is what these machines are principally designed for.

I’ve used QNAP on other systems, setting up & editing etc. Nice machine & easy to use, just like Synology.
As for audio, now Synology have approved support for Asset UPnP software, the QNAP & Synology playing field is level (the same) You can buy both with confidence.
Synology have more models & levels of performance than do QNAP; for audio a 2 bay is the most popular, but a 1 bay is adequate. You do not need super CPU performance, although it is nice to have, problem is it will be a higher price but will not give a better sound quality.
You need to add HHD’s (or SSD’s) to the NAS & the forum favourite is WD Red

Finally whatever you finally choose, don’t forget you need to have a backup, just in case of failure. Back up is like car insurance, you hope to never need it.

I use both for different reasons.
If I had to choose, I would pick either. Both have proved reliable and easy to use without recourse to the manuals.
If I wanted one for Roon, for example, I would go for the Qnap.

I had the synology ds218 + and the qnap ts 251 + -2gb as a favorite … We’ll see

If you are thinking that changing the nas will change the sound, you might be on to a loser. Many, including me, hear no difference between differing makes. YMMV though.:+1:

Are all the softwares that are inside qnap or sinology better and do they listen better than what is inside the Western Digital? In wd there is twonky. On the unitiserve I don’t know what software is in the unit …

Both QNAP and Synology allow you to install Asset or Minimserver which are much better UPNP servers that the ones supplied with most NAS’s. This is the main reason why people favour these 2 makes. As a simple file storage device most NAS drives will work well.

For small to medium sized collections on the higher powered models it’s also possible to run Roon despite often being under the Roon recommended specification. This is what I do.

ROON COSTA TOO, it is a real theft!

The DLNA/UPnP media server software does not have a sound signature, the software only facilitates a data stream connection between server & renderer, it does not carry the data.

Regarding tWonky, I used to help out a friend with that & to be honest it was horrible software to figure out, but when it was running it was just like any other, it facilitated the connection.

Naim Unitiserve is reported to have a different sound to a NAS, some say better some say worse.

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