System Audio Mantra 50, Naim Nova and NACA5 a good match?

I would like to know what you think of the match:
System Audio Mantra 50 and Naim Nova and
Nac A5

Naim NAC A5 is designed for Naim amplifiers. Min length (but more is better) 3,5 metres each side.

I cannot comment on the speakers you mention.

I feel no one has these speakers here. But I see no reasons to think it will not match. They are 89 db in 8 ohm. Easy to drive.

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After a quick search, @Mrvortigern ran them with Naim, seemed to like them on a Superuniti/NAP 250, and temporarily on an Atom, if that’s any help!?

Gtack very happy with my nova

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