System Automation Cable

Can anyone recommend a good quality and suitably shielded cable that doesn’t cost the earth?

A ‘Mono Jack to Single RCA’.

Tried a cheapo cable. Like the feature. Undecided about effect on SQ in my system but willing to pay for peace of mind.


I don’t think a “better” cable would improve SQ for System Automation purposes… I could be wrong though….

You don’t need a fancy cable, it does not carry a signal or power & doesn’t connect to anything that affects SQ.

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Seems opinion is divided on that. But yes, I should satisfy myself first. But everything has a price, even peace of mind…

There was a recent debate on this somewhere inside another thread. Some claim the cable matters, some say no, some say just the act of enabling SA lowers SQ. Fwiw it’s worth I couldn’t hear a jot of difference when I removed my 49p off Amazon cable, with or without SA engaged.

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I would choose one with a right angled jack if using a SN3 as it’s positioned right underneath one of the speaker output sockets. Otherwise a potential problem here if using NAC A5 with SA8 plugs.

I’ve got a cable from designacable ‘digital mini-jack to RCA’. It’s much higher quality than the one I had before but I am not sure I can detect a SQ difference!

On old threads it was suggested that the preamps that have an RCA socket to connect System Automation are affected slightly with SQ, but as I remember the thread, it was the connection itself & cable quality did not play a part.
Preamps with 3.5mm jack plugs have that circuit buffered & SQ is not affected

I have a very expensive cable for system automation. £1.29. All it does is send signals from the streamer to tell the preamp to change inputs or adjust the volume. I don’t see how it could affect SQ in any way and anyone who says it does must surely be imagining it.


I’ve used my system in automation mode using a mono 3.5 jack > jack cable i found in the bottom of a spares box, plugged it in, system sounded exactly the same - i removed it as i don’t have a right angled version for the reason i’ve explained above.

What kind of magic is this, which breaks every audiofool rule known to man (or woman)?


I couldn’t stomach the carriage costs on a new £1.29 cable, so ordered another Narcom 5 instead (as a spare, you see). :laughing:

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There is for sure a market for someone to sell a boutique system automation cable for £500 with fancy plugs and a nice braided cable with special isolation and grounding properties. System automation is such a clever thing - I use my NDX2’s zigbee remote to control the amplifier and the Narcom lives in a drawer. There’s no need to point the remote at the amplifier and it just makes operating it all so much nicer.

System automation is such a useful tool for me, as I can listen to music in the living room and control the volume in the music room, at the rear of the house, via the app.

Can’t get either of the two remotes to work from the living room.

Yup it’s horses for courses. I’m not keen on the NDX 2 remote, mine is still in it’s box. As for touch screens, they drive me nuts at the best of times.

Sir Sir !! please sir, he said boutique cable sir !!


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Is this Mr Tate’s right hand?

Everlong. Top tune.

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Only when it’s laying a thousand bricks a day!