System Automation input help pls

Setting up System Automation between NDX2 & 282 (cd input 1) and not having much luck.

I’ve put the correct cable in and opened ‘System Automation’ to ‘on’, ‘classic’ and pre ‘input 1’ come up as default selections. Unfortunately the app home-screen shows ‘input 2’ and I’m still unable to control via system automation.

Schoolboy error somewhere?



Might sound silly but is input 1 enabled in the settings menu?

Thanks PCD. Here’s what I see in ‘Input Settings’

Where would I find if Preamplifier Input 1 is enabled? I’m guessing it must be as I’m playing the NDX2 through it and hearing music!

When I enable system automation and go back into input settings I see this for input 1 - no option to enable.

As opposed to the other inputs which do have the option:


Sorted. Changed the 3.5-RCA link cable and did a complete power down of everything. Hey-presto. Normal service resumed.



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Glad its sorted you reminded me that when my Black boxes were installed several years ago the dealer had problems setting up system automation this turned out to be a faulty cable.

The old stereo one worked ok before the software update but I’ve replaced it with the correct mono and all is good. I can only assume that was the issue.


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