System Automation/Volume control

My system includes an NDX2 streamer and a 282 pre-amp, both of which have their own remote controls. I use an iPad with the NAIM app to control the streamer.

I am looking for a way to both control track selection AND volume control using just one of the remotes. The streamer remote won’t adjust volume and the 282 remote won’t move to the next track. The iPad won’t adjust volume on the NAIM app. I thought the NAIM Remotes would be a bit more intuitive than this. I’ve read about system automation but think it only works with the Supernaits? I can’t see any 3.5mm jack on the rear of the 282? Any help would be gratefully received.

3.5mm jack to RCA on the 282, marked RC5.

It’s on the far right looked at from the back. Take a look at page 11 here. Labelled “Control” and “RC5 in” as HN wrote: Connections for Naim amps

Hi , I have the same setup. System automation will work from the app. You will need to activate it in the settings menu in the app. You will also need any cheap 3.5 mm jack to RCA phono lead to connect the preamp and streamer. (0.5m 3.5mm Mono Jack Plug To Single RCA Phono Plug Cable)
You should be able to pick one up from EBay or Amazon.

Thanks for all your help gentlemen. I was looking for the wrong thing on the 282.I thought it would be a 3.5mm to 3.5mm lead. Thanks all!

I’m guessing this is the same on the NAC 202? Am I about to go and put the dunces hat on? :roll_eyes:

It’s the same.

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Give me my hat back! :flushed:

Ha! I think it’s firmly mine. I’ve moaning quietly to myself about this since getting the 202 last summer. Doh!

I’ve ordered a little cable from Amazon, so hopefully all will be sorted tomorrow!

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It’s easy peasy to set up and you’ll be able to control volume and inputs from the NDX2 remote and the Naim app. You’d be well to disable any unused inputs to make it easier to cycle through them using the input button on the remote. Once set up it’s really slick to use.

There is a bit of a glitch in the switching that you may or may not discover - if you switch inputs manually using the pre buttons the auto switching may then not work until you select the same input on the app - but Naim are aware of this and it’s on the roadmap to be fixed in a future streamer firmware update.


Many thanks @hungryhalibut I’m loving the new kit but more importantly, enjoying music, which is the main thing. :notes::notes::notes:

That’s an amazing set up you now have Andy. I remember replying to you when you were looking for system building suggestions and you’ve done an excellent job, very well balanced throughout. Not source heavy but a proportioned wise spend

A £30 k system in one hit. Alright for some! That would be my end game system with the 606s.

I’m nowhere near that , but still very content for now and definitely enjoying the all important music. I’ll see what happens in the future upgrades wise.

Have fun!

Thank you so much for the very kind comments, and for being positive points and not just focusing on ‘areas for improvement’. I’m hearing new things in music I’ve been listening to for 40 years!. I do count my blessings as to how lucky I am and whilst you ‘never say never’ regarding hifi improvements, I think this system will satisfy my needs for some time to come.

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I love hearing new stuff in music. There’s 48 tracks or so of music production going on and it’s amazing to hear all the layers and overdubs of production.

Mine arrives on Saturday!

Plugged mine in today and worked straight away. £4 we’ll spent - much more convenient and the iPad now controls volume also.

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Any loss in sq for anyone who has used this connection? Any benefit in a more expensive cable?

No. (Well I’m sure someone will say that there was and spending 500 fixed it)


I think my cable cost £1.29. All it’s doing is sending commands, so has no effect on SQ.

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