System Automation/Volume control

I can go slightly one better with a 50p cable between ndx2 and 282. It is a great feature being able to control sources ( ok, so I only have 2) and volume via a couple of remotes and apps.
Just need naim to allow me to change the graphic on my turntable input 9n the ndx2 screen.

Wonder if anyone can help. Followed the instructions i.e. cable and settings. Got it working but every time I select Tidal on the app the pre input changes to Aux 1 and I have to manually change it back on the amp to Tuner to listen. The NDS is connected into the Tuner input. Any ideas?

You probably have AUX1 instead of Tuner configured in Settings > System Automation > Preamp Streamer Input.

I had a similar issue. It is to do with System Automation. Experiment with the settings in the NAIM app. I think I set mine to ‘statement’ and it worked (even though I don’t own a statement!). Play around with the settings and i’m sure it’ll work.

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That’s the one many thanks :+1:

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Okay, so cable purchased and YES, volume control etc all working from the app and remote control. One question though, is it possible to change pre-amp input from the NDX 2 remote control? Can’t see a way to do it, which I have to say is frustrating… But, I may be missing something?

You repeatedly press the input button, at the top right, immediately below the standby button. Turn off any unused inputs in the app to make cycling through them a bit easier.

Brilliant! Thank you…

I’m glad you’ve worked it out. It’s really very slick once set up.

For some reason the system automation does affect the sound quality in my main system. It’s easy to solve (pull out the cable, change set up in app) but it’s a bit annoying.

I don’t soy it does much but you definitely hear it (less dynamic), not sure if anybody else noticed this or have the same problem?


Using the cable does NOT impact on sound qualify.


How could it? Surely all it’s doing is sending a signal to the amplifier’s switching, so effectively no different from using the remote or pressing the buttons on the front.



But you are definitely not the first.

And there is only a signal on the cable while pressing a button

Well actually it does. Me and my friend even did a blind test picking it every time.

I have no clue how and why but it does l. I don’t now how high resolution your system has to be for it to be audible but in my 500-Titan-Music system you hear. Not much but still. I have worked a lot with keeping vibration down (Sonority), small things can be more audible then (maybe, I’m guessing here).

I do remember that Martin Collums mentioned it also in one of his reviews which isn’t meant to be an authoritative statement, just noticing that we are at least 3 persons in the world who hear this phenomenon :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s easy fixed and not big deal.


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