System Automation

Last week with the help of @hungryhalibut I finally managed to get the system automation working between my ND555 and 552.

Inputs could be switched from within the app. Play music via the streamer and it would automatically jump from whichever input was selected to the streamer input. Life was good. No more taking the long walk from the sofa to the preamp.

The last couple of days in app input switching still works but play music on the streamer and the amp input stays where it is and no music is heard until the long walk is completed and the streamer input is manually selected on the 552.

I’ve tried fully closing the app on the iPad and checked cables. No settings have been changed in the app.

Any ideas, advice or guidance would be appreciated.

This happens if you change the input directly on the pre or with the remote. After you do, you also need to switch to the same input in the app, before the app auto-switches the input again. It’s a bit of an odd behavior and @hungryhalibut brought it to the attention of Naim. We can’t say too much but are optimistic.

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As said above, you’ll probably find it’s happening if you changed inputs using the front buttons or the remote. Say you chose tuner with the buttons. To get it to switch via the app you need to switch to tuner on the app, and then select say streamer. It will then switch automatically. It’s a glitch in the streamer software and it’s been raised in the beta group. We are not permitted to say what the beta group is testing, for very good reasons.

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Thanks guys……I thought it would be something simple :grinning:

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