System choices - help

I wonder if I could have a few opinions.

I currently have a Nait XS, upgraded with a Nap 200 and Flat Cap 2 as my “hi-fi” system. Neat Motive 2 speakers.

My plan is to buy a dedicated preamplifier and move my Nait XS into my living room home theatre and use it to drive the front Kef LS50s for stereo listening using the av bypass function.

By doing this I’m getting an upgrade in both listening rooms just by adding the pre amp.

I can’t afford to buy new, so I have 2 secondhand options.

  1. Buy a Nac 202 and use this with my Nap 200 and FC2. Move the Nait Xs (with internal power supply) to the HT.

  2. Buy a 152xs and flatcap XS and use this with my Nap 200. Move the Nait Xs to the HT but with the FlatCap 2 power supply upgrade.

Both options will cost me about the same but option 2 also gets me an additional power supply upgrade.

What do I do?? Any other suggestions without spending wildly more? I can’t demo them.

Are the sound characteristics between the 202, 152xs and the NaitXS very different? Will I be getting an upgrade using the 152 XS plus FCXS over the Nait in my main hifi system?

Looking forward to your thoughts.


The NAC202 would be the ideal partner for your NAP200.
Not sure you can use a FC2 with 202/200 but a NAPSC would be a great addition, even at a later date.


Yeah, I suspect this is the more longterm route. Possible future upgradeitis with the 152XS.

I think you are spot on, a NAC202 would require a HiCap , a Flatcap is a non-starter with a 202

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Ah ok thanks. Good to know.

Nait xs on its own to the tv/theatre room. Sell the fc2, get a hicap and 152xs. Save for a 282, miss the 202 altogether unless that is your final destination with no more upgrades wanted in the future.

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A FC works with a 202 but certainly optimal. However, I would hold for a 282 which can be powered by the 200.

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Welcome Andrew :slight_smile:

I’m a happy 152XS and FCXS owner but I still say option 1. This is because 202/ 200 is where the serious value lies in Naim’s offering imo. It is a very fine amplifier by anyone’s standards.

About your FC2… if it has never been serviced it will probably make the 202/200 worse.

Please let us know how it goes.

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202/200 does not need a hicap.

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But benefits from one. I still think given the financial constraints and the starting point the sensible move is to aim for a hicap/282/200 system. In that context the 202 is an expensive diversion on the path.

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Definitely a vote for this approach. Hicapdr and then a 282. The 282 is MUCH better than the 202 which is in itself a decent preamp and it leaves you with the option of getting a good source in the future. As an alternative you may want to consider a better source first such as an NDX or ND5XS2 and many on here advocate the source first approach. I used to have a FC2 with a CD5 and found it didnt improve SQ a great deal. Best of luck with whatever you decide @WhatsMyNaim . I would suggest auditioning in your own home if possible though. Sorry if that rambles a bit!


Thanks all. 202 seems to be the preferred option vs 152xs. Perhaps the dual flatcaps are just complicating things in my mind.

The 282 would be lovely, but we are talking significantly more expanse. I will
Look into secondhand prices.

Thanks again.

Most of my system is 2nd hand or ex demo. A lot of naim dealers have ex demo or 2nd hand gear available. There is of course the big river site!

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I bought my 282 s/h ( and later my 252 ). Patience and one will come up, in great condition.
It really is worth saving (possibly even scrimping) and waiting for, if you can. Good luck :+1:

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You should be able to easily find a used 282 for less than the price of a new 202.

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I should have said benefits from one

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So it seems the actual consensus is move the Nait Xs to HT and buy a used 282.

I guess selling the flatcap will help toward this. Better start saving then! Lol

I bought a used 202 for a very good price! Thanks all for your input.


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