System for a Friend

A friend of mine loves my Atom and asked me yo recommend a small integrated system solely for his passion - 70’s rock music.

Constraint is that he can’t accommodate big speakers. (I use Kef 104/2) I told hime to get to Moorgate or similar as I have limited knowledge os speaker match with the Atom.

Any blinding options from which to form a shortlist for audition?


Do you know what his budget is? I used an Atom with Proac Tablette 10’s and it was a great combination. They are small and able to be placed close to walls. The Tab 10’s (or Tab 10 Signatures) are so good that they will also work with any upgrades in the future.

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I would agree with you, Tablette’s could be a great combination. Giving ATC SCM7 speakers an audition would also be worthwhile I think.

Going to a dealer is the best advice you could have given here. Speakers are the hardest components to get right in my view, as they have to match not only the amp, but the acoustics of the room they’ll be used in, as well as personal taste. So what works brilliantly with an Atom for someone else might be entirely unsuitable for your friend.
It’s really worth putting some time and effort into this, and approaching at least a couple of dealers to see what they have to offer.
If you want speakers that rock, my gut feeling is that Dynaudios should be on the shortlist - there are different ranges at a wide variety of prices but even their entry level Emit models would be a good match.

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If it’s purely for streaming there is a lot to be said for KEFLS50ii Wireless.

Just add power (and one ethernet cable if WiFi doesn’t cut it).


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Another vote from me for the ProAc Tablettes. I have the 10 Signatures on both systems, one a UnitiQute and the other a NAC172XS into a NAP180 power amp. My musical tastes are 70s to 90s classic rock and the ProAcs are a joy

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What’s the budget? I’d definitely try KEF LS50’s, and consider B&W 600 series, or if budget allows the 705s2 ?

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Agree with the LS50 as it was at the end of an Atom in my friend’s system and it made a very nice combination, although I was not impressed with the wireless version. if working within a budget, Q Acoustics make VFM speakers.

My local dealer suggested Neat Iota / Alpha.
I seem to remember they were developed using Naim amplification

Atom +sonus faber lumina 2.

Heard a few reviews that state it as a bit of a magical combo with an atom.

Have never heard the Proacs but have the Neat Iotas, superb speaker.

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