System Hang when Update Frimware

I have Naim NAC-172xs, When i doing firmware update, the unit it hang, then i have abort it, now the unit show “Frimware Update, don’t not switch off” . Can anyone help me, how to reset, Thank you

I think you will find you can restart the firmware update but you can’t stop halfway through and then abandon it.

So the first question is why didn’t the update work? Are you used to doing these updates or is this the first time? What was happening on your PC display and at what point did it hang? You did have the 172 and the PC talking to each other via a USB cable and both connected to the internet too?

In terms of what you do now, you will have to restart the 172 and it probably won’t work (depending how far along you got in the process). So you need to start the update again and if everything is correctly connected, it should complete this time.



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