System matching, confusing

This hi fi stuff ‘aint it, or just me proving the bleedin’ obvious.

Nait2 cb has been running happily with a set of Kans for the last 35 years or so in small and medium sized rooms. Last 10 years mostly with digital input but still the original planar 3 and a mm being used occasionally. After updating/ upgrading the main system to the 252/ 250-2 I thought I’d like to move the nait2 to another room and replace it with a cb 250 set up, still feeding the kans. I’m not that impressed. Early days I know but now the Kans sound too bright, too open and I think even as a background feed in the study it is going to get a bit fatiguing. Suspecting that the 32.5/ hicap/ 250 might all need a service sooner rather than later, I’ve just spent the morning moving speakers from room to room.
The Spendors from the main room sound just as good on the cb set up, although too bassy in the small room, thus disproving the service needed now theory. The nait2 with the kans in another room sound as sweet as ever. The kans on the 252 set up sound a bit thin and lacking in bass in the bigger room. An old set of Rega el8 sound pretty good in the study with the cb250, although a little boomy in the bass. Top end detail though is clear as a bell without any fatigue.
Even a set of very cheap av speakers from the barn sound good on the cb250, just not the kans in that room.
So the nait2 and kans are moved to the bedroom, the rega’s are temporarily on the cb250 and now I need a set of speakers to replace them to lose the boomy bass.
Lesson is that an upgrade isn’t always that, if it unbalances the system.


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