System off the dedicated radial!

In preparation for new lounge layout and some decorating I have moved my 272/250 to the other end of the room. It is now plugged into a normal socket from the house circuit rather than the dedicated radial. I would say the performance has dropped by 15-20%. It now sounds dull and lifeless, dynamics are hampered and even the bass sounds muffled. The only other thing that has changed is a change of BJC ethernet cable previously 2 metres to 8 metres. I don’t think the latter will have anything to do with it. I am relieved my electrician is coming over at the weekend to quote for rerouting the radial.
For anyone considering a dedicated mains do it if you can.

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I recently had radials installed and concur, that everything improves. Except for the bad things such as transformer hum, they diminish. It’s an all round good idea. As @hungryhalibut once said - it is the foundation of any good system. How right he is!


I don’t know how I am going to get through this interim period? :joy::joy:

You’ll manage because you have to. Just think about how good it will sound again when you get to plug it all back in to the radials. :sunglasses::notes:

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Um? An extension lead?

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Yeah that’s what I’m going to try tomorrow, I’ve only got cheap nasty ones but it will be interesting to see how much it changes.

I would certainly agree that dedicated mains is a good thing to have. I have to ask, though, how sure are you that the drop in sound quality you hear isn’t down to room acoustics and speaker/rack positioning. Have you paid as much attention to detail in setting up your rack in its temporary position as you did before?

Speakers are in exactly same position. Rack unfortunately is a DIY job and is on the list of upgrades. It isn’t too bad an effort IMO and is quite simple to set up isolation spikes and naim spec glass on dome nuts. I will do some tweeks at the weekend.

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