System Pics 2019

How’s that PS working out?
After all, it’s really about The Music, The Why!

As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s transformative. At least as much an upgrade over a bare NDX2 as the the NDX2 was over my old ND5-XS. :grinning:

Next up…a SuperCap DR…when I can find one.


We’ve got it bad, good thing I’m low on cash! That’s the beauty of Fraim, there’s always room for another Black Box! LOL☺

I’m just trying to get to my end game before I retire in a few years.

Not the best site to hang around, there’s always suggestions how to upgrade and spend more and more bucks :scream:

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New plinth for my Thorens TD 160


Wow, did you build that or pick it up, looks very nice indeed!

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Thanks, an Italian carpenter (Antonio Capasso) made it for me, delivered yesterday and assembly completed by me in 10 minutes (just 4 screws)


That’s such a good job, impressive!

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That really is a nice looking turntable!

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The system has settled in:

but my wife and I enable each other with furniture. We found another vintage Papa Bear chair and had it refurbished to match the one we got about 5 years ago. The room is too cluttered with furniture but we love the furniture too much:


very nice and elegant Bart!
on the left side wall, is it acoustic tweak ? effective ?

It’s ceramic art, from a Danish artist named Mikael Jackson (!)

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Hi Farthings-cat,
what is the name of the turntable wall shelf that you are having?

:small_blue_diamond:@silklee,…I wouldn’t recommend having anything other than a turntable on a wall shelf.

In any case if you have a LP12.


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Yes, I have an LP12/radikal currently on my fraim. But I am trying to make space for other stuff so have been toying with the idea of a Tiger Paw wall shelf but that only holds the LP12. The double tier wall shelf looks like an elegant solution.


Now that’s upfront in your face sound!

Enjoy Your Music!

Drinks on me!

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No they’re on the speakers. :grin:



What Speakers are those on the stands ??

Request for a photo with the grills off…

Only the speakers :grinning: