System Pics 2019

Just changed the speaker stands from Quadraspire Q6014 to Atacama HMS2.

Bags more detail. Wider soundstage.!!


Hi guys, I was a member a couple of years back when I had a NAIT XS. A few years and a lot of gear later, I’m back in Naim camp again.
This time with a few pcs that I recently picked up SH after selling off some other gear.
The current system is ND5XS, CD5X, NAC202 with Napsc, NAP200, Stageline S. The turntable is an Avid Volvere SP with an OL Zephyr tonearm and a Lyra Delos cartridge.
Cabling is a mix of Shunyata, Nordost and Naim. The rack is the Hybrid model from Solid Tech. The speakers are open baffle designs from PureAudioProject, the Trio15TB.

I know that the stacking of the components isn’t optimal in any way but it’s the only way I can place it at this time.

image image


You have a great turntable. However the stageline would strongly benefited of an hicap.
You need absolutely another rack to not stack components like that.

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Thanks Mike. I agree, some dodgy albums there. In my defence I bought my last vinyl LP in 1984 when I was 19 when the CD player arrived! CD covers just don’t work for covering walls…:slight_smile:


Come on now. You could walk into any record shop now and get yourself some great covers :slight_smile:

Being a past owner of Sopra 1’s, so I know the Focal sound, I can’t help but think that you have way too much speaker for that room. My S1’s were 3 feet from the side walls, and 4 feet from the front wall, and sounded really good. What are the dimensions of your room?

Nice to see a Pure Audio Project speaker… how does it work with Naim NAP 200 ?


how thick are those absorbers ? tried any thicker ?

Yes it probably would. Just like both the ND and the CD would benefit from both an external power supply and an nDAC.
I’m not chasing the last % of performance right now, so adding another rack or more shelves is not going to happen any time soon.

Yes, they are probably not your typical partner with Naim. But they do sound really nice together. The combo suits my hifi-preferences and my taste in music very well.
And I have a big room and I like to play loud. Having 4 15” woofers helps in that regard.
The only caveat is that I wish I had a bit lower gain on the Naim gear. Already at 9-10 o’clock it’s getting pretty loud with 93-94dB efficient speakers.

Acoustic Transducer Company.

… and the baffling doesn’t"absorb". It disrupts the reflection of mids. :thinking::sunglasses:

… and it’s a NAP250DR…

I would put the nap on the floor. The space looks big enough. When I had my nap and Nac stacked it sounded good but when I put the nap on the floor it sounded much better.

The room is circa 9.5’ wide and 16.5’ long, the speakers sound great but I am constrained in the house for space to locate them elsewhere. It was a concern of mine putting a large speaker into the area that I have but unfortunately I don’t have large square rooms to locate elsewhere. When I move I need to get a larger house to locate the kit lol.

I did hear the Sopra No.1’s after I purchased the No.3’s and was very impressed with their sound given their size and could easily have gone down that route and would have been happy.

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I love the way you’ve put your album covers on the wall! Where did you get the white unit from? Thanks :+1:

Thanks DJM. The unit is just from Ikea with legs added for levelling adjustment and to allow speaker cable lengths to be “snaked” neatly underneath.

2nd 555PS turned up today. Uprated to ARC double sheet glass for the left hand side.


Now you have to discover where to plug it in, and where on the rack to put it.

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Anti-reflection coatings…? Or else…? Interesting, can you tel us a bit more? Thank you

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