System Pics 2021

Nifty lighting. I see your post below about the Phillips Hue lights. Are you also using a star projector?

The black 606s are very sharp looking!

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I’d just love an Eames chair full stop. Being a fat lump these days I wouldn’t even think of an original in fear of damaging it.


Mine is a Pash Classics ‘replica’ which I bought for my wife last year.


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And yet we complain when a Chinese knock off Naim amp appears on an auction site.


all beautiful !!!
could you tell me where to find the tables near the Ermes?

I really wonder why it costs £7770 to make the eames lounge chair plus the ottoman. I don’t think it was ever meant to be such a pricy product. It was a new product using new materials - plywood curved by Charles & Ray Eames’ own machine.

If a replica can be made without discernible differences in quality and function for 1/10 of the price. Then it really begs the question why the genuine article is so expensive. There are many areas of possible improvements can be made to the 1956 design, has any one of them been implemented?

Vitra’s own admission: “Vitra has produced the Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames using the same manufacturing methods since the 1950s.” As a replica I might love this. As the real thing, banking on never need to improve anything isn’t a winning formula.


You could say the same about any product. The Chinese are very good at making copies.
It is either a protected design (as the Eames is) or it’s not.

As said, the design is 1956. I fully back paying for R&D. Paying for it 65 years after is a bit extreme.

As a comparison, I wish the best to Naim and would happily support this company, hoping it will continue to come up with fixes, upgrades and better products over time, as long as I am capable of doing so.


It always surprises me that people automatically mention price when seeing furniture they recognize. It luckily never happens to me when they see our Knoll Womb chair, a lesser known icon. Hardly ever is price mentioned when the hifi is seen. But an Eames… :shushing_face:


I may agree but it’s the law innit.

You can buy a genuine Rolex or a cheap replica. They look the same, more or less. The Eames is no different. If you are happy with a replica than that’s fine. If you want to real thing you pay the price.

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All of my other eames stuff is real apart from the chair, I wanted to try the chair to make sure I liked it before getting a genuine one. I’ll have one at some point I just can’t afford it now ha…

Here is some alternate views, one through to hall fro listening chair and the view up front (need a wider angle lens). I have a few ESU’s the main big one is in the hall and other bits and pieces;


I am hoping that replica Rolex while look close to the real thing is behind on quality and materials like jewels inside, etc. On the other hand, with Eames lounge chair, the major differences lie in quality of leather, foam cushion inside, plywood layers and quality, rubber or hard plastic mounts are used in the joints and feet - the infamous “Domes of silence” glides. Premium replicas actually have very nice leathers, multi layer memory foam, rubber shock mounts, etc.

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There’s of course also a big difference in the function/quality. I suspect many people would be less bothered if the knock offs weren’t trying to rip people off by being passed as the real thing (the mentioned chairs clearly say replica) and sounded just as good.

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Thanks Chief. I got that recently vitra have just started making them. It’s a wooden rendition of the original eames whale they constructed. The new version is much smaller!

With regard to the price of genuine eames chairs, they are indeed a thing of beauty and I think each one is hand made. My copy is leather a really close rendition of the original but it is not as well built. The only thing I will say is when you look into the history of the chair and the cost when they were first produced they were only a couple of hundred pounds and I’m not sure even by today’s standards that inflation equates to a 6k uplift. You can get them second hand for about 3-4K which is what I’d planed to do at some point. Will need to sell a kidney first. I’d hoped for one as a 40th birthday present but that’s in a few weeks and the wife has told me where to get off when I mentioned it! :crazy_face:


What a room and WHAT a view/garden

That’s the eames house. You should check it out online so cool. I wish I lived there! Apparently it’s close to the coast in California and there’s a view of the sea from the roof too.

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