System Pics 2022

My humble system


Do you know Yan Zoritchak , a Slovene artist?



Very nice FR :+1:t3: ATB Peter

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I hope you’ve got a heat mat under that oil burner!

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Thanks. I have a pair on order. You don’t see too many on here. Quite surprised how good they were. It was between them and the SCM40 for me. The ATC’s were a bit big for my room.


Time for a complete system again, now that the turntable is back in situ after being fettled at Vertere.

The turntable has returned with the Tempo motor & drive, plus the Vertere Techno Mat, a few small upgrades and most importantly, Touraj himself has set it all up to extract every last ounce (or gram) of musical goodness from it.

Gosh it’s good. Similar scale of improvement over the SG-1 motor drive that a Radikal brings to an LP12, plus the benefit of Touraj’s optimised set-up. I just can’t seem to stop playing records…

Oh, and Simon Price kindly delivered the last of the smoked glass shelves for the Simrak.

Best regards, BF


Just to support this, from my limited experience, whenever we introduce outside elements into a Naim system… it’s usually an improvement in one or a few areas, but often at the detriment of others, mostly in the PRT… I might get better mid-range bloom, and even clarity, highs… but at the expense of PRT and the overall sonics.

However, we listen to music very differently, and if the Danish Naim dealer recommend the Kimber to be a safe match… be happy and enjoy… I guess Robert H and I are just concerned with keeping the Naim amps stable in use and of course “preserving” the Naim sonics as it should. Maybe the new black boxes are a little more tolerant of outside cables.

I found some Kimber cables to be excellent outside Naim and remember the clarity of the KCAG interconnect and then 8TCs. But since I love Naim sound… I’ll stick to stock Naims as I am quite a purist … but I have to admit to being seduced by the likes of Witchhat, the hideously costly Chord Music and Gutwire power cables… but at what cost?

Does life have to be so difficult? lol :sweat_smile:

By the way, the Naca 5s still sound good… they just need to be suitably soldered in the right lengths and run-in for at least 6 months or more, and cable-set-up carefully to sound their best. I have found their supposed brittle highs to be mitigated with proper power spurs to the system but can only share this in the context of a top olive system. The black boxes today will be even more refined, so I don’t see how the Naca 5s will sound harsh if set up carefully.


Phil P

naimniac for life

My SBLs from the good old times.


If ORAC had a turntable back in the day, this would be it.
I know…who’s ORAC?


I did have a TT back in the day, unfortunately not a good as that one. It was an early Pioneer model, model escapes me.

Suspect you may be referring to something more associated with Blake’s 7. :grinning::grinning:

Ah, another perspex wonder!

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Looking forward to a possible 272 replacement


This system for about a year now, so enjoyable.


Wonderful, I don’t think I’ve seen the Totem Winds on the Forum before. I have the Forest Signatures and have always wanted to hear the Winds. My room isn’t really big enough for them, I believe they need quite a bit of room and more than a 250? How do you find them?

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Having heard and liked the Hawk and Forest, I was disappointed when I briefly heard the Winds: I strongly suspect that it was due to the partnering electronics (Einstein?).

I always thought that the Totem speakers of that period would work well with Naim amps. The Winds were too rich for my financial pallet, to say the least. If they build on the strengths of the Forest they should be good!

Nice system you got there and love the speakers. Always wanted a listen to those but never did.

Mike, I did listen to quite a few other speakers, I found the Winds to be clean and uncoloured, and the bass pretty pure. The Forests were v good too. My room is about 23x15 ft, the 300 seems to handle the speakers without strain even at “concert pitch”.

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Hadn’t heard of the ATC’s before, they look great, but I think you’ll be really happy with the Spendors.

My experience is that you don’t have to set them up with too much toe-in, and you can get about 10-12" from the wall no problem. Enjoy @nicnaim.

My current system, perhaps out of place here because it’s Naim-less:


Esoteric K-07Xs CDP, Bow Technologies Wazoo amp, Klipsch Heresy III speakers.
Cables are DIY XLR interconnects, Van den Hul Clearwater speaker cables. Van den Huls were in a drawer, but I plan to replace them with even less fancy wire.

It took me a long time, some money and a lot of mental refurbishing to get here. In turn, I still can’t take a decent picture with either camera or iPhone.