System Pics 2022

Yes, the ATC SCM7s replaced the Linns which I still have until I move them on.

Also removed the bioethanol fire , stacked the cabinets and moved speakers off the wall!!!

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Took those “little monsters” to demo them at home.


please elaborate…

6 Avantgarde? You seem to have the room for them.

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Briefly… R6 are so dynamic compared with SR3

Yes indeed those are Avantgarde and it seems they fit to the room. Audiovectors they were never difficult with an adaptation.

Serious speakers Kacper ! 30 k . They look good, and you seem to have the room for. However, a question: why not first an Nd555 to replace your Ndx2?

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Hi Frenchrooster, thanks!
those are Avantgarde version so the retail price is around 21k.
On this moment I only demo them at home, however a local distributor comes with the “special deal” for his almost new demo (black ones).
Why not first a ND555?.. good question…. I think this upgrade would involve much more €€ (555 PS DR required), plus I think Nap300 deserve it something better then SR3 speakers.


Here’s my setup……(252/300DR/NDX)


New speakers - experimenting with placing.


TomTom Audio in St Albans specialise in supplying hard to find Naim stuff. They’re helpful and approachable.

And they have Julian Vereker’s NAP500 prototype, which you can look at.

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Forest Signatures, I have the same, in Cherry too. Keepers for me, delightfully natural and dynamic. What amp are you running?

They sound good out the box. Will get better over time. I have Naim 282/Supercap into 250DR.


New space. Playing around with placement. Cement and cinder block walls so a bit of an echo at the moment.

Curtains and more soft furnishings on way


Spring sunshine, and probably the last photo of my Royds.


What will you be doing with them @Pete_the_painter?

Don’t know yet, not much of a market for vintage floor standers in Gloucester. :rofl:

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Update on my second system, back in July my best mate gave me a LEAK Stereofetic Tuner he got off either eBay or from a charity shop, can’t remember. Anyway it only cost him £25 and I have added it to the system and put up a dedicated 3 element FM aerial in the loft. I cannot get over the SQ it gives, just lovely from what is a 45 year old tuner. currently listening to R3 while working in my study. It is amazing what bargains can be had out there, as for my mate, well you can’t get better friend than that.


Don’t forget the system for the art shop playing that “lift or elevator muzak”:wink:


Hopefully not slang…:joy: