System Pics 2022

Lovely - a Sondek , Naim amp and Kans were made for one another.


Thanks Richard, it’s such a great little system. I often sit here astonished by the huge sound that comes out of those tiny cabinets.

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You could add that tuner to the vintage hifi piece thread! Very cool!

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Don’t count those out just yet……… I have a couple of friends here in Canada still running them.

Yes that is a great idea, but a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper is even easier to slide under and works perfectly.


I’ve heard that moving them with the paper tightens the bass and provides more shimmering highs… :wink:

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Yes but only with the heavy stock paper :laughing:

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They’re been an excellent speaker and served me well for over 27 years. Problem is I’ll struggle to find them a good home most people I know don’t (or won’t) have the space for big floor standers.

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Pete is your dealer dropping off your new speakers? If so could he take them on consignment or give you a cash discount on your new speakers if he thinks he could sell them and make a profit?

No I’m picking them up, and he doesn’t really want them.

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What is the Deutsche Grammophon LP in the picture, please?

It’s Mozart Requiem KV26. It’s a tulip label made in Germany. I have a lot of DG LP’s I always buy whenever I come across them for one or two pounds each in charity shops, great bargains.


Not electronics but latest addition to my set up - I needed a tall headphone stand to go by my chair so made one.


Put yer foot down Richard! :laughing:

That’s a shame the he doesn’t want them, too bad you are on the side of the world Pete,
They look to be in very good condition.

True and they’re very hard to post. :rofl::rofl:

Stick them on stereonet Pete I’m sure they should sell

Have to become a member

What’s stereonet?

Have a look on their website it’s huge worldwide

Got an Aus /NZ site - classifieds for sale etc and heaps of reviews

The classifieds for sale section is big , mates of mine have sold gear from it - costs nothing to join but if you sell something it’s good to give a very very small contribution

Some guy in Sydney selling Naim system there looks like a bargain

Worth a go at offloading your royds