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I’ve had my set up(CD5X,112X,150X and Arrivas) for 10 years or so and fancy a change.
I currently connect my laptop and iBasso DX120 via a HRT Music Streamer 2 USB DAC to the above Naim kit and thus the CD5X is becoming superfluous to requirements.
The Atom is really piquing my interest as it would streamline my set up and so I would like recommendations for speaker alternatives.
I like the look of the Epos K3 but am open to any others really. Or should i keep the Arrivas?
My room is 13ft by 13ft with rugs and pictures on the walls.

Any assistance would be appreciated


Hi, I think the Atom us a great all-in-one box, but it’s no match for a separates system. That assumes that yours is properly set up on a decent rack, not in need of a service or recap, and all working as it should. If you want the best sound you can get, you could replace the CD player with a streamer and keep your amp.

I had almost exactly that system a couple of years ago, which I bought new in 2004.

How do your Arivas sound?

Can you post a photo?

Yes, rehome the CD player and get a good streamer.

Depends on your budget.

Theres The Naim 272.

An ndx.

Or other options.

Thanks for the advice.
I have my set up on Isoblue platforms.
I don’t subscribe to any streaming music sites as I convert Youtube concerts via Bigasoft to Flac and then listen via the iBasso.
I’ve done a little more research and an now interested in trading all three for a DAC-V1 + NAP100 set up and keeping the Arrivas.
I’m sure this will change in the future.


That future has dawned a little quicker than anticipated as after ebay trawling i’ve found a few alternatives.
A very reasonably priced Superuniti, less then £1500, which surely should be able to add to the 112 x for now, keeping the Arrivas and eliminating the HST.
A quite reasonably priced 202/200 combination, less than £1800, keeping the Arrivas and the HST USB DAC.
And a reasonably priced DAC-V1/NAP100 combination, potentially less than £1100, eliminating the HST and keeping the Arrivas.
Plus a myriad of speakers: PMC GB1, Spendor S8, Martin Logan Motion 20, and Quad S5, all for less than a grand.

What’s your thinking?


Others here can give you very good front end / amplifier advice so I will just say that I think you should keep your Arrivas whatever you do. They will benefit from the upgrades you make up the ‘chain’ and if you already like them, you will be surprised how much better they can sound.

As far as buying from ebay is concerned you need to be very careful, and proceed with caution as it can be risky, as not all ad’s are what they seem. You could get a bargain but it is highly unlikely you will get any guarantees with it, despite the amount cash you hand over. A safer approach would be to check the naim dealers in your area (or further afield if your travelling time/cost is worth it) and see what they have in stock - demo or ‘preloved’ can prove a better purchase in the long run.

Hi Jim,

I really like my Arrivas and have probably been underestimating their performance based on their age to the extent that i think i want newer speakers and the amp/preamp have been holding them back.
So, if I keep them then I have the dilemna of what to change in the 112x and 150x.
What is better the 172XS, added to the 150x, with the caveat that it is discontinued but i don’t stream and just need the USB slot for the iBasso? Or the 112x added to a Superuniti and its USB slot capability?
In other words which is the better amp and preamp of the two changes?


My 112x has sat in a cupboard for last couple years.

The value of selling it a couple hundred quid, and I can get more value by keeping it for my kids to use.

The 150x is a really nice power amp, and was desinged to work with ?Arivas, so it drives them really well, inc at low volumes

I had mine serviced by the marvellous Darran at Class A in .sheffiekd

He uses real Naim approved parts esp caps to do it

And afaik they’re better than the original ones, so the amp gets a double sq lift

Just do it, as they say

I have no idea what an i basso is!

The 272 preamp is huge uplift over the 112x

I personally have never heard 172, but it is not gernally seen as one of .naims high points

It all depends where you’re trying to get to i the long run - Naim separates inc naimstramer ?

Or a 272 with external psu?

Or an integrated amp?

Or what?

An iBasso DX120 is a Digital Audio Player which is attached to my laptop and plays FLAC, WAV or MP3 files via the HST, a USB DAC.
Interesting about the 150x so i can see myself keeping that and the Arrivas.
This leaves the preamp/DAC combination and removing the 112x.
I can’t afford the 272 for now and want to remove the CD5X and the HST from my set up.
Hence the 172xs as it appears to be an improvement on the DAC- V1. Or is it??
Concerning my long term aspirations for my system: I don’t really have one.
If i can crack the preamp/DAC issue then maybe I’ll add PSU’s to enhance the capability. But for the forseeable future i just want to tidy up my present set up.
Thanks for the advice re servicing.

I don’t recall anyone comparing the 172 with DACv1.

Google is your friend here, on this community and on the old Naim Forum site, plus elsewhere.

also someone will probably reply who has compared them if we keep bumping this thread once in a while.

I know that @charlesphoto uses a dacv1 via usb…

one way to get much more out of the 112x a low cost is a flatcap…

and keep your preamp separate from your dac, which makes basic sense as they can interfere with one another

also bear in mind that if a new 272 is launched in May as rumoured there may be a lot of SH units around…

I like the suggestion of adding a Flatcap to boost the performance of the preamp so that’s on the list.
However, i can’t directly PM the listed user yet so that will have to wait as his set up looks like the one i need to probe.
I suppose ultimately i want to have a better DAC preferably in the Naim family and then to improve the preamp as i’ll be keeping the amp and the speakers.

Thanks again.

Charles is probably busy.
No PMs on this site.
but there’s probably someone who’s compared 172 vs DacV1.
If the title of the thread flagged your main Q it would help to attract the attn of relevant people.
but I have never heard good feedback on the 172…
whereas many enjoy the Dacv1

The DAC V1 and 172 are entirely different beast for different purposes imo. If you want to use the Naim app and have an all in one DAC/streaming platform then the 172 is the option (but outdated functionality compared to the newer range); if you want to use a USB or SPDIF streamer from another brand (such as the microRendu 1.4 I use) or PC then the V1 is a better option for that, and one can have Roon etc functionality.

I think the V1/110/mR setup I have sounds fantastic, though I have carefully selected the preceding network gear, and power supply and cabling for the mR, so about as optimized as one can get with a V1 (beyond going up the Sonore range or with another streamer brand). I also didn’t want to duplicate DAC and preamp stages by going Naim>Naim. Probably not a lot of help, as I’ve built up my system over the last few years with small improvements at a time, but the V1 seems to take them all in stride.

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If you buy a Flatcap, make sure it’s the right type.
Not all Flatcaps are equal.

Hi Charles,

Thanks for your input in macheting my way through the system jungle.
I’m intrigued by the Sonore product. I take it you can add a DAP to it and then onto the V1 as it acts as the laptop in the set up? Could i just link the laptop directly to the VI and then onto preamp/amp?
What speakers do you have?


Not sure about the DAP, but anything that serves files can be used I(I use a NUC for Roon ROCK). The Rendu series are strayers, but for me the added benefit has been their ability using their Bridge app (part of the Sonicorbiter OS) to cast Roon to my old Unitiqute in the office. You can connect a PC directly to the V1 but you’ll get better results using a Rendu or similar. I have white glass Audio Physic Compact Classics on heavy stands - amazing speakers that do a real vanishing act.

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I’ve decided to buy an Ifi Nano DSD dac to replace the HRT and then look out for a suitable Flatcap for the 112x after px’ing the CD5X. Maybe getting an Aqvox USB power filter too.
Those speakers are beauties.
Thanks everyone for your help


After a wonderful aural odyssey at Audio Counsel in Diggle, i’ve scrapped all plans and decided upon an Audio Note Cobra integrated amp,keeping the Arrivas and selling my external DAC’s as the internal one on the Cobra is too astounding.

Thanks again

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