System Sounds Harsh After Reinstall

Hi, I took my whole system apart and moved the Fraim slightly. When I put it all back together I’ve noticed it’s lost it’s sparkle. I’ve checked everything is in the right place and all cables are hanging as they should be. I did this yesterday around 4pm, so it’s had a fair amount of time to warm up.

Anyone have any suggestions or experience with this please?



Have you connected a speaker cable with reversed polarity?

Have you checked it’s all level ? Some floors are not always flat, with some variations. As it’s all in a different position than before !
Do you have any system conditioning tracks ?
I have a burn in and demagnetising IsoTek track that always surprises me how it sorts things out after a play.

First check the foundation of the system - the Fraim. Is it all level? Are the spikes tightly secured and not floating on or coupled to carpet etc…? Did you check each level and leg to ensure all Fraim parts done up properly?

Hi, no speakers are connected properly.

Thanks :+1:

Hi Richard,

I shall check all this now. I didn’t dismantle the Fraim completely when I moved it, merely removed each shelf and unplugged all my equipment, then put it all back together. Could it be possible it might just take a while to settle back in or is that just bull***t thinking?



Hi TobyJug,

I’ve no idea what a system conditioning track is, sorry!

If I ever take the system apart, I always go through checking each Fraim shelf and tightening as necessary. Most essential of course i to ensure that the base is spot-on.

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Great, thank you kindly for the suggestions. Will take a look and check everything. Have a great weekend!

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I do not have any experience regarding this, but I cannot believe that a sub optimal installed HIFI rack will have such a big impact that the sound becomes harsh. An effect will be a nuance I think.

I spoke with my dealer Jack at The Audiobarn. He said as I’ve dismantled the whole system and put it back together it might just need a bit of time to to settle in.

I’ll see how it sounds over the next few days.

The brain is just messing with you. Try focus on something else and it will sound great again.


Did you maybe turn the power plug when reinstalling everything so that the (what is it in english?) phase(?) is connected to the wrong contact?

Can’t be done with UK plugs

I thought so too. Until I went from a Finite Elemente Spider rack to a full Naim Fraim rack. Sounded not bad but something was missing. Less focus,unbalanced. Thought it was just between my ears. Until at my wits end, I decide to give the speakers a bit more toe in and put them just a little bit wider apart. Bingo! Happy camper again. Bottom line, yes it can have an impact.

I’m trying to troubleshoot what’s causing my system to sound rubbish. I explained the issue I’m having to Naim support and they think it could be either my 282 or NDX2. My question is, can I bypass the NDX 2 and connect say my mobile phone to the 282 with 2xRCA to 3.5mm jack cable for the purpose of elimination the 282 as possible cause of sound issues?


Yes, you can get a 3.5mm jack to DIN or RCA cable to connect to the 282.

Great, thanks Chris

I think powering down has a significant impact … did you change the plugin order on your mains plugs or strip … just a thought.

Hi Richieroo,

I’ve had the sound issue since 17th October. I’m taking my NDX 2 to local dealer this afternoon to see if that’s the culprit. I’ve already been through loads of troubleshooting with no joy. Fingers crossed!