System videos 2020

Hi Wolfgang. Thanks for sharing your lovely system and cosy pad with us. :+1:t3: ATB Peter

Nice video :grinning:

being tying to post video from IPAD, up load does not say yes

any ideas?

Are you doing it via YouTube ants? It’s the only way.

did not want to post on U Tube to be honest, but will have an look at this later on today

thanks :+1:

OK let’s see if this works


Ok, I think I have amended


Works OK for me

Nice one, nice room mate, loving the LP12. :+1:t2:

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Nice room …nice gear…enjoy the music !

Great video thank you Antz :+1:t3: ATB Peter

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Great vid Antz. You and I would get on well; being a lover of cricket, golf, Naim, Pink Floyd and David Gray :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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the kettle is always on if you find yourself in Worcestershire, when we can all meet again!

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Wonderful system and room tour and David Gray was sounding mighty fine! Nice touch with the photography hobby as well featuring your work, your sports hero and Pink Floyd & Naim poster. Well done…

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That’s a really good video, very well done indeed. The only shortcoming is the whining David Gray destroying a wonderful Soft Cell song, but the white vinyl certainly looks nice.


I have just listened to the aforementioned Mr Gray and it’s not a whine at all. More like a strangled whinny.

Only joking Antz, great video and thanks for the tour.

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Just wanted to give this a bump back up.

Would be great if anyone else would be happy to do a video.


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@Mike_S when we getting yours, you have a couple of systems to walk us around! :laughing:

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Hi there, this is my contribution to the system videos 2020 thread :slight_smile:

Be gentle…


Very nice Mark :+1:t2:

Video really nicely done.