System videos 2020

Didn’t even cross my mind. I agree, and I certainly will in future. :+1:t2:


Nice to meet you, great set up!

You just need a new system now we have seen that lovely set up😉


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Well done Mr Popeye, that’s very good! Seeing as most of us are at a bit of a loose end at the moment, I think there might be a few more of these posted! :smiley:


Can’t wait to see yours later Gazza. Can show me up now you have learnt from my my Oscar performance! Ha
Your setup, more to see than mine!

Cheers Tony, you have a system I am sure many of us would love to have a virtual walk around. :+1:t2:

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He’s awaiting his S1 to arrive after Mrs Gazza said not to buy anything else…

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That might be difficult to sneak in unnoticed.

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Here’s my effort…Sorry, I seem to have the start of this season’s hay fever brewing up, which is why the dialogue’s a bit nasal. Also, I’m not terribly good on remembering the names of kit! -


It says not granted access to view it Tony, probably a setting or check box to tick?

Should be OK now…

Brilliant Tony :+1:t2:

I am currently working at the moment but if people are keen and like the idea I may setup a “system vids thread”.
Would be more organised that way.

Feel free anyone who wants to beat me to it.

I will try and do mine again later having learnt a couple of tips and tricks!


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Nice video Tony and nice system, love the look of the cottage👍

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Hi Richard Is there likely to be any problem with us setting up a system vids thread for those that want to participate?
Is it easy enough for you to pull any vids over to a new thread?


Popeye, if you wish to set up a thread showing videos of your systems then by all means go ahead. I can merge this thread into any new System Videos thread.

However, there’s one important caveat; would all members here please just post videos of your systems, not random linked videos of other people’s systems. Thanks.


OK, threads merged. Carry on…

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Very kind of you to say so old bean, but actually, it’s a bloody awful video! I sound like I’ve got my head in a bucket of water.

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The virus won,t get you in a bucket of water Tony, great idea mate.


Tony, that’s great. While you do sound a little bunged up that doesn’t detract from your excellent video. The house is really lovely and I can understand why you are so happy there. And the system on only two stacks! I bet it still sounds wonderful.

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