NDX 2, NAC 72, HI CAP & NAP 160


N272 & NAP 160

Which is better ?

It depends whether the NAC 72, HI CAP & NAP 160 are in a serviced state.

Yes all are serviced

Sorry ‘DDD’ I don’t own any of these items so I can’t comment, but it is an interesting question, I look forward to reading the replies.

If you want remote control of volume and source switching, then the NAC-N272 is much better.

therefore …
If you don’t want remote control of volume and source switching, then the Nac 72 is much better.

Beware: I’m biased.

Surely the NDX 2 is better than the N272 being new generation of streamers ?

I would certainly hope so. I have not compared the two though, but I would trust that Naim have it right.

My comment was only that if the OP wanted to have remote control of volume and switching then the NAC-N272 would be much better than the NAC72, which lacks remote control.

Do you have either of these systems? Are you able to compare them? The 272 preamp is really good, likely better than the 72/Hicap. The streaming part of the NDX2 will be better. The two systems are very different in terms of functionality: two boxes or four, remote volume etc.

At the moment I have a Unitilite into my NAP 160
I also own a NAC 72 & a non Naim psu which is not in use

Hence my question of N272 or NDX 2 ?

I can jump either way or so to speak

I’d suggest that it depends on where you want to go with the system. The 72 option is more flexible as you could swap to say an 82 or 282. Would you want to? Would you miss the remote volume and switching? The 272 would replace the Lite and be miles better. It’s cheaper than the NDX2, especially used. Just go with your gut instinct or do the demo.

I would be more interested to know how big the the difference is between an N272 & NDX 2

I could easily live with N272 particularly as it has a psu upgrade option although remote volume is not a must

All my music is streamed and i do not need any other inputs whatsoever

Comes down to how much better the NDX is ?

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