Systems on but no sound

Hi, I installed a ND5 XS2, but now I have a system with all the lights on but no sound coming out! I’ve redone the connections, my Uniti Star, which was used as as a CD player and tuner, loads and shows it’s playing a CD, but no sound comes out of the speakers. 282/SC/ 250,
Everything was working well until I tried to install the ND5 XS2. I was hoping to be listening to much better quality streamed music compared to streaming via the Star!
Any ides of what could be wrong. As I say all the lights are on, just no sound.
Best wishes Amer

Maybe you’ve pressed mute.

Or not selected the correct output on the ND5XS2

Apparently the CD player in the Star is not making a sound either.

No, wait, I don’t get the setup.

Apparently the ND5XS2 is set up with the 282/SC/250, and I guess no sound. I am guessing that all this gear is new.
Apparently there was a Star up to now, but now this also makes no sound.

How is it all connected? Are the speakers being switched between Star and new system? Can the OP try a different input into the 282? So many questions.

But try what HH said first! :slight_smile:

Have u selected the correct input socket on your pre, din or rca? If u have selected rca but used din then no sound, & vice verse

Go through your output socket selection on your source and also check the input socket selection on the pre-amp.

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