T-Sarum ethernet cable

Already 3 weeks I did audition t-Sarum v.s mine melco,it sound for sure better ,i’m undecided …really don’t know if it worth this extra price …anyone have this cable or tried before?like to have yours opinion.

Meni, i think you are almost answering your own question…Sarum T is it worth £2k? I have the Melco cable and-it is very good, but i recently changed my Cisco to ND555 cable from the Melco to AQ Vodka, better but only £300.

Did you had time or decided to change your powerblock Meni?
It was or is a real urgency. :grinning:

Heard Vodka once for two hours…I was really amazed very good ,at that timei I didn’t have the opportunity comparing to other cables

Haaaaa french need time powerblock will be someday

Gaza’s okey …need your test now how do you describe the different between vodka vs Melco?..mine is also Melco

I don’t understand your priorities Meni. You have still a white crap powerblock ( the same we use for a microwave) but you upgraded for a second 555 ps and now you are thinking of chord Sarum t Ethernet.
In France we say “ c’est le monde à l’envers “.

I can hear more detail in a recording, instruments that were buried in the mix are now easier to identify. The notes on guitar and piano are better defined, a nice upgrade for the money.


Perhaps are you thinking of a white Chord Music power cord to go with your white powerblock? :star_struck::rofl::star_struck:

You don’t understand because those cables are very easy to test from my dealer … powerblock I need to buy out of my country…don’t have it in Israel… Middle East problem…lol

Sorry, I didn’t thought of it…

Try too …:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

Without comparing at that time I had c-chord …I remember the sound stage was wider and cleaner with vodka

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To day I did a deal after i listened over a month to T-Sarum ethernet cable … I couldn’t go back to my previous one Melco I had before… so now…T-Sarum is going direct from Medco N10 to Nd555…and Melco cable goes from Melco direct to switch… very good match.

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