T9i sub with Uniti Nova

The subject seems already well covered. I finally chose the Uniti Nova. Totally happy so far. Streaming is so much faster than with the uniti qute 2. Sound is really good too. More grip and details and pace than the Rega Elicit, but maybe a little less warm.

My only concern is that i have a HUMM noise in the speakers when i plugged the REL t9i. I plugged behind the amp on speakers port. The noise diseappeared when i unplugged the Yellow Cable.

It was plugged the same way with the Unitiqute and with the Rega. Both with no ground noise. It the nova different with REL than the Qute? So weird. On another post a User had the same problem with his supernait3.

I will probably try to get a Y RCA cable tomorrow.

Any other suggestion?

Thanks Folks(english is not my mother tongue, but i try my best!)


Hi. Been using REL with Naim for many years. Can you give a detailed explanation of how you have the subwoofer connected?

Finally, I used the hi input cable provided by Rel. I have to split the cable because I plugged the yellow and black to left speaker and the red to the left speaker. Works perfectly now. It seems Naim doesn’t like the rel plugged on speaker output except if you have the special Naim/rel cable.

Hello. The cable did not need to be split. Just attach all three to the terminals of one speaker: yellow and red to plus, black to minus.

I wrote a request to Rel and they confirmed the correct connection to me:

“Yes, connecting to the back of the speaker as shown in the photo would be fine - This is how we would connect if using a stereo pair of RELs - One REL of each channel. Please see link below”

Ideally though it should be split if you only have one REL rather than a stereo pair.

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It’ll work that way but you’re obviously only getting the bass signal from one channel. Better to use a split cable if you connect from the speakers.

I have only 1 sub between my speakers. So I used the splitted wire solution. Was pretty easy to split it and it works perfectly. Pretty happy with the solution.

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