TAD ME-1 Speakers

Fair enough - You’ll just have to spend quite a bit to get the most out of the speakers. It sounds like you have your heart set on them so i’ll wish you luck !

Aside from character of sound, you’ll need a sub if you want the bottom end. Based on price of the TADs and specs/reviews alone I suggest Wilson Benesch Torus.

4 ohm true BUT goes down to 2.7 ohm.I am shure the nova is not a good match.I think they ll need at least a 300dr.

There is plenty of bottom end in these TADs. You should consider these speakers are not exactly bookshelf size monitors. :wink:

They roll off in the bass. I haven’t heard them, but if the Stereophile review is anything to go by, I for one wouldn’t be happy with them without a sub - and a really good sub is warranted by both the cost and the sound quality indicated by the review.

I agree, especially about people’s tastes varying. Two of us once spent a couple of hours at a dealer’s comparing a set of speakers in active vs passive forms and came to opposite conclusions about which set we would prefer to take home. Same music, same room, just different ears. That’s why I’d always look for a demo when buying speakers from new, preferably at home, but I guess we’re lucky in the UK that such things are available. It’s also why I treat reviews with a large pinch of salt.


Hi Carl

I generally believe that, when buying hifi, it’s best to think in terms of systems rather than individual components. Lacking funds to go straight to one’s ideal setup it is often necessary to move to that setup in stages. Often less successful IMHO is to home in on one item and then try to build a successful system round it, especially if that component is a speaker. But other folk on the forum have done it and are enjoying the results which, after all, is what ultimately matters. So keep us informed how you get on (and what you ultimately replace your Nova with :grinning:).

Incidentally what prompted you to shell out the equivalent of £13k on these particular speakers, unheard?


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If the room is not big, like < 15 m2, perhaps the Tad monitors without a sub would be enough?

You never specified why you had never bothered to listen to the TADs. Did you hear the NOVA before purchasing it or was it another audio surprise?

You still won’t get the lowest notes if the speaker rolls off, though of course some people prefer it that way, while some music may have no content.

Bear in mind IB, that the same could be said about speakers like ESL-63s which roll off around 200Hz. if I remember right. Yet most users of ESL don’t bother with a sub.

I’d absolutely not assume a sub is needed until after driving them at home for a while. People really do have different tastes and musical preferences that may or may not show up any shortcomings. Saying off the bat “you can’t use them without a sub” is a bit presumptuous.

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Indeed, and it would have been presumptuous if I had said that - but I didn’t, rather I was specific in referring people wanting the bottom end:

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I stand corrected :slightly_smiling_face:

No probs :grinning:

I wonder if you really want opinions as you seem set on buying these speakers regardless. If I said that matching such expensive speakers with a Nova was daft, or that buying speakers without trying them at home was daft, would it make any difference?


Well we don’t know where the OP is. Countries where home audition (or even meaningful shop demo) are impossible far outnumber countries where auditioning is possible.

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Awesome speakers and a great match with Naim! Give them some room to breathe, I’ve heard them on several occasions, in different systems, and the best the sung was with a nap300dr and NDX2-XPSdr. Don’t remember exactly which preamp but a 282-Hc would be a good starting point.

Enjoy your speakers and the journey!


Thanks for the feedback guys, and to those that understand that we can’t all follow the “ideal process” for selecting speakers.

I am actually in the UK where dealers do encourage demos and even allow you to take speakers home to demo. But, i had the opportunity to buy these £12,000 speakers for £7,000 if I moved quickly… too good an offer to turn down, I had to take a punt, hence I didn’t go listen to them first.

And, I’m pleased to say, a worthwhile punt, they sound gorgeous!


Good, enjoy the bargain and now please distribute the extra 5000 pounds among the members who bothered to respond despite the fact that you were never planning on considering their input.

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That’s a bit unfair. All the advice was based on system building principles and secondary experience.

If a member actually posted something like “I’ve tried them with Naim and they just don’t bloody work”, then I’m sure the outcome would have been different.