Tag Editor for MAC

Hi there,
Would like some feedback regarding your opinion about the best Tag Editor (Album Artwork and details) for MAC.

I use MP3Tag… I’ve had no issues.

Does it work well with DSD files ?

Not tried DSD Edward, sorry.

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Metadatics for MAC is excellent imo and I have used this for many years.
Great tagging and file editing software with multiple ways edit single or multiple tracks/albums at once.
Clever ways to rename file names based on track metadata too if needed.
Good, clean GUI too

Oh, there are DSD menus but I haven’t tried them. Sorry


YATE is very good.

@Neilb1906 @MrDom @sailorck
Thank you all for the suggestions.

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Agreed. Used it for years.


Another vote for Metadatics here. I find it pretty intuitive and easy to use. I don’t have many DSDs but had no problems editing one a few years ago.

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Yate is the one I use, and is good for bulk edit and single file edits also.

To get all the missing metadata also songkong.


But I don’t know about DSD…

I’ve been using TAG (feisty-dog.com) but with mixed results (not reliable with “dsd” files).
Eagerly looking for a solid alternative with “dsd” files…

I’ve sent a mail to the author of Metadatics (Mark Verstraete) about “DSD” files compatibility.
Here’s his response:
“… Metadatics does support .dsf files.
Dsd files do not support metadata…”

:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Music in DSD format will be stored in a dsf (or possibly dff) file. I assume you have bought some downloads in DSD format. If you look at the downloaded files you will likely find the file extension is dsf and the metadata in these can certainly be edited in Metadatics. When you play them through a DAC that supports DSD (up to DSD 128 for the Atom, I believe) that is how they will play.

I have a number of downloads of DSD music from Sound Liaison, which I have edited using Metadatics. In short, I’m sure you’ll be fine with it.


+1 for MP3Tag. It does everything I need

I just use dbpoweramp, it has rules logic that allows for bulk editing which I like. My library is mostly nailed down now so not much need anymore.

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Thanks for your reply.
It’s not the first time I hear about DSD files (dsf & dff) where the metadata is not readable by some players. I recall that my Sony DAP WM1A had some trouble reading DSD metadata (album artwork in particular).

Yate can tag DSF, I think DFF is not possible to tag, it I could be wrong.

You are right. DSF has the ability to hold metadata, while DFF doesn’t.
The alternative is to put the artwork file on the same folder. Some players will look for that option to display artwork (I dont know if the Atom has that option…)

Naim CD rippers have always put metadata in a separate file instead of incorporating it into the audio file, so it’s possible that a Naim server would be able to read metadata stored in a similar way in a DSD file. I guess the only way to find out is to try it with a couple of DSD albums and see what happens.
All this is largely a function of the server, not the streamer, so it would only apply to an Atom if you attach the files via USB and view them from the Server input.