Tagging gone wrong

What is the problem here? I’ve ripped a copy of Simon & Garfunkel Tales From New York to my NAS using dbPoweramp. I’ve used this software to rip hundreds of CDs and never seen this behaviour with any of them. I have minimserver 0.8 running on the NAS.
When I open the Naim app, select minimserver -> Artist and pick the album, when I tap on the album I’m seeing a view like this with all the individual tracks grouped by letter and at the bottom of the list a Disc 1 and Disc 2 down in the tracks starting with numbers section like this

Every other CD I’ve ripped appears like this after tapping on an album and this is what I want. To get there in this case I’ve tapped on Disc 1 and then the top level view for that disc

This is a view of the tags

Here’s a view of the tags from an individual track

All the metadata is as provided by dbPoweramp, the only edits were to remove the accuraterip tags.

So why is this album the only one out of hundreds doing this and is there anything I can do to fix it? I already deleted some of the accuraterip tags to see if that would help but alas no.

You have tagged it as a two disc collection by the look of it. In the screen grab above the Disc tag reads 1/2. I assume there is a 2/2 Disc tag on some other tracks, so it will be indexed as two discs?

My solution to erroneous indexing is a bit brutal and might not suit you if you like lots of metadata. But it works. I strip out all the tags (select all tracks in a folder, convert to, deletions), and put basic tags back in, starting with album and artist (not album artist). I also remove track numbers and disc numbers. Them build the metadata back up a track at a time.

Automated, labour saving systems for tagging rely on data and like any data it’s only as good as the skill and knowledge of the person who populated the database. I prefer to do my own for the most part. Unless the tags are written by the artist, composer or original engineer/producer, they are no more reliable than any I can come up with, based on personal knowledge or a bit of online research.

Yes it is a 2 disc set. I’ve had quite a few other 2 disc sets but they have all behaved themselves so I don’t know why this particular one is acting differently. I’ll delete most of the tags and build it back slowly if I need to but it is a strange one.

That’s what I’d do – and not worry much about how it got there. But I understand the curiousity!

You can get the occasional bonkers one.

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