Taken the plunge on some new speakers

I posted a few months ago (on a thread that is now closed) that I was looking for some new bookshelf speakers to replace my Quad 11L’s having upgraded to a Uniti Star (from an Arcam Solo). Well, I’ve finally decided on the replacements…and they’re not bookshelf at all! I’ve gone for the Focal Aria 926’s which should arrive in a couple of days. Really looking forward to getting them set up and run in. I had intended to wait a few more months but after spending a lot of time in the last couple of weeks listening to the Quads I found they really were struggling especially with the high treble in choral music. In the end I was getting so fed up and disheartened I took the plunge early. Plus Sevenoaks had them in the sale at over £200 off plus some free wireless LG earbuds (which my son will enjoy).
Will post my thoughts once I’ve got them and run them in. Does anyone else have this combination?
The next steps will be to replace my ageing and very basic Pro-Ject debut turntable!


Impressed that you chose them without asking everyone on here first like the rest of us do :slight_smile:

Hope you like the Focals - many people like them with the Naim kit. Have fun!

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Speakers arrived and installed. Straight out of the box they sound brilliant. I started with my favourite “test” tracks…Jim Brock “O Vazio”, Langlais “Trois Paraphrases Gregorien” by James O’Donnell, Strauss’s “Morgen” sung by Barbara Bonney and a bit of Dark Side of the Moon. Already hearing things on all of these tracks that hadn’t really been there before and the bass!! can’t wait for them to be run in properly…definitely feel like a kid in a sweet shop!!

I heard the 926’s at a show last year on the end on an XS3 and they sounded really good, great value too.

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