Taking Bets - Expo 3010S2 CD or DVD5 better as transport to nDAC?

Title says it - taking bets on what will sound better feeding the incoming nDAC. :wink:

(Assuming the Naim DVD5 works when it arrives . . . )

Also had an interesting competition between an older Linn Klout and my Expo 28 . . . let’s just say the Expo is staying.

Have fun with cable swapping.

I found the lower end Chords made music boring into a Rega DAC and emotionless into a Chord 2qute. Settled on a Belden 4794R 12G video cable with the Rega gave enjoyable results but needed an RCA adapter at the DAC end. Now using a 4694R from DVD5 to ND555 with the adaptor on the DVD end. Even with adaptors I found these SDI 12G cables preferable to any reasonably priced digital audio cable like the afore mentioned Chords (Shawline and Fairway) and a Belden 1694A.

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