Tales of a Naim System #1

Ok, strange question. Does anyone suffer from ear wax?. I do so every 6-9 months go deaf in one ear. Out comes the Otex which makes me completely deaf in that ear. Expensive Naim sounds horrible. Then after a week - pop. Wow does the system sound just so damn good now!


I do, I have them ‘vacuumed’ once a year, just before it starts impacting the hearing and before annual holidays where a lot of time is spent in the water.

Not a strange question at all, have suffered from this in the past. Seek expert advice though.

Don’t use Otex if you have Tinnitus. I use Olive Oil based products.

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+1 for olive oil products.
Ever since I was a child I’ve suffered from the dreaded ear wax.
Apparently I also have smaller than most ear canals, plus very hard wax, so it builds up until there’s effectively a plug of wax in my ears. I am still shocked by the sheer quantity that comes out when they are syringed!

Me too. I use it to my advantage at times…


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