Tangerine Audio Karmen

Does anyone have any experience of the Tangerine Audio Karmen (black) substitute top plate for the Linn LP12?

I have seen photos of it, but can’t find any feedback from users.

I think that a matte black top plate would look very good, and I hope that the sound quality of the deck would be at least as good, with the new top plate fitted.

It would also mean changing one of the few remaining original parts if the TT that I bought almost 50 years ago!

Good question Graham

Yes I’ve been trying to find some feedback from users rather than feedback from retailers

I can’t find anything

I am minded just to forge ahead and buy one, but a bit of reassurance from actual users wold be very good to have.

I’ll have a word with my (new) dealer, Audio T in Brighton. They may have some experience from their many outlets.

Let me know if you get any feedback thanks Graham

Much appreciated

I’ll call them when they open, which I think is 10:00 AM, then post any response that I get.

I had the silver version on my LP12.

It is a very nice piece of kit and has a nice finish.

I had some other upgrades done at the same time, so cannot categorically state it made a significant improvement on its own. However, it was recommended by Peter at Cymbiosis, so for me, that gives it validity.



I can’t help directly, though I note that this topic turns up on an LP12 thread on the pink site more often than here.

Comments there were very positive and I was as considering which top plate option and base option to try. The hope was keeping all the involvement and boogie but with less of a consistent character being applied, plus ideally a bit quieter.

I ended up being offered a full Stiletto (which obviously includes the top plate) with Keel, Skorpion base, Kleos, Radikal and Ekos for a very good price.

It certainly improves the LP12 without getting rid of its virtues imho - the effect was more obvious than a Karousel bearing but not wholly dissimilar, perhaps more like when my ancient sub-chassis was swapped for a Kore. However, this route means I can’t say which upgrade did what.

The key seems to me to be hearing the kit you are considering before you spend too much if you can. I am sure people here will be interested in your conclusion.

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I shall make enquiries this morning, and will of course post any thoughts, if it ever gets done.

I shudder to think how much I have spent on the LP12 since I bought it from Subjective Audio almost fifty years ago. Although the fact that I still have it, even though modified beyond all recognition, says something.


A Tangerine Karmen top-plate is such a considerable upgrade it’s puzzling why Linn are still yet to update the original part.

My Karmen was fitted in 2014, and the results all positive; cleaner detail and more focus on musical output. If i remember correctly; the setting up of the prerequisite quiet bounce is a bit easier for the fitter.

(photos below from 2014)


I hope I am wrong on this, but are tangerine still in existence? I thought the main man died and that was the end of that?

Or am I thinking of another firm?

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@graham55 I answered your question on the Show Us Your Sondek thread two days ago.

I recall it was £1,300 or thereabouts when I had mine upgraded. Here’s a photo from shortly after it was installed.


I think Mark used to work with Derek Jenkins who passed away in 2019. Both Tangerine and another company Tiger Paw, made interesting LP12 bits.


Thanks, I think it might have been Tiger Paw I was thinking of, but yes Derek Jenkins was the chap I had in mind.

You may find it worthwhile talking to dealers like Infidelity and Cymbiosis.

Alternatively, can I suggest calling Theo Stack at Stack Audio, who make potentially relevant parts for LP12s? He is knowledgeable and helpful and quite a few on the pink site rate his products.

I too am surprised that Linn didn’t make a go of offering the 1-piece aluminium option. given Derek Jenkins’ success with it. Perhaps the good-looking wooden box was too iconic to change lightly, or perhaps they are about to announce a 50th anniversary LP12+ for over £25K to sit above the current Klimax version.


I can’t post here about the product under discussion due to dealer moderation guidelines.

However, if an emoji is allowed :heart_eyes:




Mark and Derek left Tiger Paw to form Tangerine. Roger Hamilton continued Tiger Paw for a number of years until early 2019 as I recall when all contact was lost by his retailers. He was incommunicado :frowning: The website store did continue for a while afterwards but I believe has gone now.
Sadly Derek passed away very suddenly in May of 2019. He was a good friend of mine and very highly respected throughout the Hi-Fi industry. Just a lovely guy. There was a huge turnout at his funeral from both Naim, Linn Rega and all his other friends, which spoke volumes about how we all felt about him. A huge loss to our industry.
Mark, his business partner continues Tangerine and continues to innovate the range of LP12centric products. The most recent is the Evenstar.


Clive, that is so similar to my LP12/ARO/Wenge plinth (and NA badge to replace the on/off switch) that I thought that I was looking at my own deck for a moment. The only giveaway is the cartridge.

Thanks for the info Peter - a huge loss indeed.

I’ve edited my original post as i thought Tangerine had gone too.

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Hi Peter, What’s the Evenstar? Or is it still in pre production/testing and still secret?

There have been a few changes since then. The full build is set out in my profile, if you’re interested. Every change I’ve made (actually Peter @Cymbiosis has made) has lifted the performance. Each time I think it can’t possibly get any better, but somehow it does!