Tangerine Eclipse

So mine landed on the mat today, got it from a chap in Sweden, all absolutely perfect so no problems there

However after setting it up I’m getting a massive amount of low frequency feedback
Even with the Snaxo pots to min it’s detectable and normally these are half way round
The LP12 sits on a Mana reference wall shelf

Has anyone else experienced this or am I doing anything wrong


This is the stand from tangerine that the LP12 stands on… right?

Cannot see why just changing the turntable support would induce massive feedback…doesn’t make sense…


I agree it doesn’t make sense
It’s designed to have the opposite effect and at around £1,000 it should do
However after I took it back off problem gone


Hi Lyndon
Did you check the feet on your eklipse? Are they perfectly snug and tight ?

Tried it again tonight
Felt like an earthquake in the living room
Even with the bass pots at minimum


Hi Lyndon,

I own a Stiletto LP 12 and I’m extremely happy with it taking the player to another level. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the next level that is installing a Skorpion base and then the Eclipse.
This was due to me using a Sound Organisation table which deemed the Skorpion and Eclipse to heavy. I can’t see why you have this problem I am surprised every product that Tangerine Audio have installed have made a difference.



Hi @Lyndon - this is posted as purely food for thought.

Many years ago I tried my LP12 (with Tramp2) on a wall-mounted TT shelf (glass shelf) with ‘added isolation’ via 3 Fraim ball/collars and a Frain glass shelf. Kinda 2-tier cake of isolation.

It was not good - the additional layer muddied things.

I have all the tangerine stuff … Stiletto Skorpion and Ellipse. As it all came in all pretty much at once I have no real reference point what the Eklipse by itself adds to the game. Well, as I am in the process of rearranging my system anyway guess I can check that out too …:roll_eyes:

Mine sits on a fraim stack and I (thankfully) had no problems with any feedback. Perhaps ping a note on the lp12 facebook forum to Mark Digman who may be able to comment.


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Hello Lyndon,
I have the full Tangerine Audio upgrades and its another world to the standard LP12. Its on an AudioTech wall shelf and no problems as you describe. Asking the obvious, the bounce test is OK? Nothing touching something it shouldn’t.
If all else fails it down to your Linn/Tangerine dealer for a check out. My dealer came to the house to fit the Scorpian/Eclipse and it needed the Linn set-up jig to do this. Mark is very helpful having met him at a demo evening.
With all those extra bits it now makes the turntable a lot heavier than the Glaswegian Linn. Probably one of the reasons it sounds better. The Stilleto makes the biggest difference.

Hi Lyndon,
I have the Stiletto & Scorpion on a Mana table with one extra level and have no problems. It’s easily the best upgrade ever to my LP12 and I love what it’s done. I did get the Eclipse at the same time but couldn’t notice a difference in SQ and didn’t like the extra height it gave. I also felt the LP12 wasn’t quite as stable with the Eclipse added and sent it back for a refund. Alan

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