Tangerine Eklipse

this Is really dedicated to members that are using the full Stiletto and Skorpion
Just wondering in your experiences what else the Eklipse brings to the party


I have the full LP12 upgrade from Tangerine Audio APART from the Eklipse isolation platform and Scorpion baseplate which replaces the Linn Trampolin. Its £3K for two machined pieces of aluminium, all be it very well finished as is the Stiletto plinth.
The plinth is a major upgrade from the Linn one, so I would expect something similar with Eklipse and Scorpian. Its an easy fit which can be done at home by your friendly dealer.
Unfortunatly, Derek Jenkins, part owner of Tangerine Audio passed away two weeks ago.
These upgrades put the LP12 into serious money. Just add a Lyra Atlas and you are on £30K or so.

I to have a full Stiletto LP12 from Tangerine Audio which I love an engaging sound which hasn’t lost any of the Linn signature but has put my LP12 in another dimension.

I still use a Trampolin 2 base as I still use a Sound Organisation table and was advised that the Scorpion and Eclipse requires a 3 feet installation on the base and the feeling that my table wasn’t robust enough.



Yes, the Stiletto etc. is a big upgrade. My friendly dealer said you need to hear this, came to the house and swapped the stock Linn with the Stiletto. 30 seconds and no going back! It tightens up the whole thing and due to its mass, I assume, drops any coloration right down.
My TT is wall mounted on an Audiotech shelf. The Stiletto is much heavier. I was initially concerned about a weight issue but no problems.
Regards, Douglas.

All very good replies, however focusing on the Stiletto and Skorpion which I already have
It’s the merits of the Eklipse that I’m most interested in


I have delayed the fitting o my Eklpse/Scorpian for domestic reasons. Suggest you get your dealer to fit the Eklipse and see how you react. My feeling is you will not be unhappy. They are an easy fit/remove. As its an isolation platform that’s what it should do.

Thanks Douglas

Time is my enemy (as well as the missus)
I have generally been led by collective opinions on the forums and that’s worked to good effect
Since my initial venture in 1989 when I listened to an LP12 Ittok Troika, Sara’s and 32.5 hi-cap 135’s, out of all the equipment I’ve bought and there’s been loads the only thing I’ve listened to in advance was the DBLs ( that took about 1 note for my decision)
The original 1989 listen in a house in Portsmouth had me walking out with LP12 Ittok and Sara’s
The next month saw the addition of the above amps ex dem from Oxford and a shiny new Troika

Peter S played my newly Tangerined and Etna’d LP12 through the Kudos 808, I was severely not impressed with those speakers, I could feel there was so much more trying to get out, I played the same track when I got home and was well and truly gobsmacked


Your last post, no pun intended, mentioned you were currently using a Lyra Etna. I have a middle aged Micro-Benz SLR cartridge which in the fullness of time would put the Etna on my short list, perhaps top. Its all about another step up but I guess you would rate this cartridge as your best yet?
Any thoughts would be really helpful in my future decisions.



Yes, without a shadow of a doubt
However my trip to Leicester involved a new Stiletto, Skorpion and Etna all at once
Peter advised me to get a new bearing so that was done as well
The TT was transformed to a totally new level but I can’t say how much is due to the Etna or Tangerine
Although Peter did say he was going to do exactly the same thing to his TT and what he doesn’t know about the LP12 I dare say isn’t worth knowing

It’s worth bearing in mind there are 2 Etnas
Standard Etna that I have or the SL
The standard gives a sharper and more intense presentation while the SL is perhaps more delicate, at this level differences are quite fine
The standard has quite a high output 0.56mV
so would benefit from I think an “S” Superline
The SL is 0.2mV
I upgraded from Superline SCDR to the Tom Evans Mastergroove, I’ve just had this upgraded to full SR spec SRd, got it back today after 3 1/2 months, it’s a complete re-build
But at the time I had the gain lowered so I could use a larger range on the volume pot

I would not hesitate in recommending the Etna


Thanks for coming back Lyndon on the Etna. I recall Hi-Fi News had a rave review, I think, last year.
You have gone to town on LP12 upgrades. I think I have as well! I traded a pair of refurbished 135s for a lightly used Superline powered from my 552, dispensing with the under plinth unit.
I then took the plunge and bought a new Supercap. That was a wow moment! Not only does the 552 live an easier life as its not powering an outside unit, but the Supercap was designed to function with the Supeline at the design stage.
Cynics might say and I would dispute the argument, that you could have just bought a £30K TT anyway. But that’s not the point IMHO. Or A £30K BMW? Hmmm.
The Etna is on by VERY short list for a replacement cartridge.


The Superline is a very good performer and the Supercap DR along with the Cryo Z plugs take it even further
I was always hoping Naim would produce a phonostage at the same sort of level as the 552, but in my opinion vinyl replay isn’t at the forefront of Naim’s current priorities, so I decided to upgrade
If the Etna is on your shortlist I would imagine that list will be very short indeed
As for the BMW, 7 years ago I looked at the M5 and that made my choice very easy and I’ve had the same E63 AMG ever since


Coming back to your original question. I run the whole Tangerine trio ie Stiletto Skorpion Eklipse. However, I did the whole set about a year ago all at once and I never bothered to remove the Eklipse to assess its individual contribution to the overall performance of the deck. I think its easy enough to just try it out in your setting and I would be surprised if you turn it down.


Apologies, Peter fitted the Tangerine Audio kit to my record player just before Christmas - you could have given it the once over last weekend when you dropped off your parcel!

If any help to you, please feel free to pop round - I have an aro arm and Peter fitted a dynavector cartridge xv1-t. This is played through a tom evans groove which I think has the upgraded power supply, quite a step down from your mastergroove! As I say, more than happy if you would like to pop round again.

The one thing about the base is that there are only three feet and each one comes in two parts. This combined with the overall weight of the record player and the delicacy of the arm and cartridge makes for a not very relaxing moment when you need to move it! Much better if someone can be there to help locate the feet!


Thanks for the offer Peter

Regarding the fiddly feet, I’ve got that with the Skorpion base,
I don’t have the Eklipse, I would have thought that the Skorpion base would simply drop on top of the Eklipse
Not actually having the Eklipse, maybe I’m missing something




No, it’s me that’s missing something - the Eklipse!! I don’t have one either, just too dumb to realise… but now I know…!!


Thanks for posting the photo Charlie!


As I mentioned earlier, I couldnt precisely assess the exact individual contribution of the Eklipse to the overall bliss of the Tangerine stuff as I had it installed all simultaneously. It wouldnt be impossibile to take it out, its easy enough, but then the weight of the deck is significant and its still a serious undertaking to lift it and get it back in place. So I am rather reluctant to do that unless its really necessary. As the Eklipse is an integral part of the Stiletto concept and having swollowed the outlay of the Stiletto plinth and the Skorpion base its a rather minor step to just add the Eklipse as well. And, it does really look cool imho…

After a period of indecision on whether to go for (Option1) Scorpion/Eklpse AND (Option2),Lyra Etna, I have decided to split my purchase. On the source first I will go for Option 1 and evaluate how I feel with the Etna. Call me cautious but £6K+ is a mighty expensive cartridge.
My dealer has offered me a good P/E deal on the Etna, but without my prompting has quoted for the higher output version. My Micro-Benz SLR is 10 years old and still going strong but wont last for ever. So now might be a good time to change.
Was your decision to go for the higher output version based on dealer advice, cartridge output, or did you manage a demo of both cartridges? As you say, its a pretty subtle issue between the two.
Many thanks to other postings.

If you have the standard Superline (not the lower gain E version) the low output Etna should be better.