Tangerine Eklipse

I think the first Lyra SL (low output) cartridge was made at the request of the US Naim distributor specufically to match Naim phono-stages better.



Sorry for the late reply
Yes I heard both of these albeit in a different setting to my system
The SL I found to be perhaps more refined especially at the higher frequencies
The standard Etna to my ears was more dynamic had more attack and for me much more involving

I suppose it depends on the style of presentation you prefer, quietly singing nicely away in the corner or leaping up grabbing you by the throat and giving you a head but for good measure

As an active DBL man fronted by 3 500’s I’m definitely in the later camp

As for the phonostage I had already planned to get my Mastergroove upgraded to SL spec so I also had it configured for a 0.56mV cartridge at the same time
As for Superline then the E would be better, I don’t know if this can be retro fittable
Although at this level a more capable phonostage will allow you to hear whichever variety of Etna at its full potential, the Superline/SCapDR does a lot well but but misses on retrieval of detail, separation of instruments and because of this it doesn’t sound as musical as it could


After a bit of indecision I called Symmetry, Lyra importers and decided on the Etna SL.
The decision based on the number of SLs they shift over the Standard Etna. About 4 to one apparently. Greater air in hall ambiance on classical music. That’s a big plus point for me. Also the May 2018 in Hi-Fi News review could not have been more positive.
In my long use of Naim back to 32/250 and through 52/2 x 135 I sometimes thought the music sounded a bit better just outside the room! With a 552/500 the balance of laid back/in your face is just right for me. Its not really practical or possible to audition cartridges in the way you can with other components.
I did raise the topic of an Atlas, hypothetically, and was told it puts out so much energy so the Linn Ekos would not suitable. Cartridge needs a better arm (higher mass?). I know my limit.
Interesting times! Douglas. Best wishes, Lyndon.

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The Etna SL is fab. Do experiment a bit with the VTA after initial install…get it right and the details will all fall into place. Worth doing a little experimentation…

Hi Mark. Thanks for the info on VTA. Its details that make the difference. Give my dealer a bit of fun before its delivered.



Yes, for classical the SL wins hands down
Thanks for the heads up regarding the Atlas, at least that’s one less to worry about


chineese crazy lp12 feet.


But what is with the centripetal rash on the platter?? A pox on it I tell you!

no idea, but all looks ridiculous :scream_cat:

Hi Lyndon,
About 2 weeks ago I had the Tangerine Audio upgrades just to see the improvement before the Etna SL. That firmed things up quite a bit and well worthwhile, so the Etna arrived this Saturday morning. From the off it was just stunning. The best I have ever heard my system sound from any source.
I had trepidations on spending such a sum on a pickup cartridge but need not have worried. Something of a revelation. Told it gets better as it beds in. My friend with a Lyra Delos model, is suggesting I buy a record cleaning machine. I am investigating the Audiodesk ultrasonic at the moment.

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