Tannoy Dual-Concentrics Help

My friend gifted me an old set of speakers yesterday that his late father had built. They were destined for the skip and he asked if I would like them. I open the cabinets last night and posted a few images online as I wanted to check that it would be ok to connect these to my CB 32.5/250/hicap. Here are the pictures

First off, these appear to quite valuable so I’m pleased they are saved from the skip but will be going straight back to my friend.

Can anybody give advice on what these are so I can let my friend know abit more about them. Cut out in the front of the cabinets are 13 inch dia so assume these are 15 inch drivers?

Thanks in advance

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They look to be Tannoy Reds. They came as 12" or 15".

They are definitely of some value these days, especially in the Far East markets.

I was once offered a barn full of them. Turned out the owner’s husband had been the head of Cunard and they had been salvaged from a refit of the Queen Elizabeth. Foolishly I passed on them (too much going on at the time) but put her on to a well known dealer who I thought would give her a fair price.


Hi Richard,

Many thanks for the reply and for filling in some blanks here, much appreciated…

Answering your other question, it should be fine to connect them to your Naim kit.

But they are old and if one or both sound distorted or quiet, then I would disconnect them again without trying them for too long (mainly in case there is a failed component in the crossover unit).

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