Tape input

Isn’t this is a bit outdated now?
Shouldn’t it say… ‘Streamer’

Does anyone use tapes anymore?

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I use a digital recorder on that input but still refer to “taping” a record or tuner broadcast.

The c90 is coming back!!


In the main system I use the tape loops for a digital PCM recorder, Reel-to-Reel, and two Cassette decks. Reel-to-Reel is wonderful and a source I listen to regularly as I built up a fair collection of pre-recorded tapes over the years. Unfortunately they have become quite hard to find in decent condition (most have to be imported from the US) and they are getting very expensive.

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Use to love a tape… Neatly thrown in the passenger footwell of the car because the glovebox couldn’t take anymore :joy:

No, because streamers can’t use the output that is included here for recording purposes.

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The SN3 doesn’t have a Tape button, but the Stream input also has fixed outputs, as does AV.

Hi Chris

How do you mean can’t use the output??

My NDX2 is plugged into to tape… Have I done something wrong. ?

Yes, but you’re using the input as an input! The tape input also has an output on the same DIN socket to allow you to record if you’re using a tape machine.

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Phew… thanks

Presumably it’s connected to the tape input and you’re selecting tape input.

Instead of selecting tape input, select a different input, then select tape monitor.
This will bypass the input selector switch and may therefore give an improvement in sound quality.

I use tape :smiley:

I have four Nakamichis: a 680, a CR-4, a Cassette Deck One and a Dragon. I also have a Beocord 2200, a Revox B&& & Teac A-6300 open reel, a Sony EL-7 Elcaset and three Tascam DAT recorders.

So, yes, I like tape.

The Dragon, the B77 and the Elcaset are running through the Marantz 2275. The Cassette Deck one and the Beocord are connected to the bedroom systems. The CR-4 is probably going to replace the Beocord in the B&O system in my bedroom. The 680, the A-6300 and the Tascam DA-30 are connected to the Naim system.

One of my main sources is my NDX 2 via my SN3. The NDX 2’s digital out is connected directly to the digital in of my Tascam SS-R200 solid state compact flash/SD recorder - nowadays this is my preferred way of recording long radio broadcasts of concerts and operas.

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I have a Nakamichi DR-3 and a Yamaha CD-R HD1500 (combined CD and hard disk recorder) connected to my Supernait 2. The DR-3 is a two head cassette deck. While the Supernait 2 has two in/out sockets it has no tape monitoring facilities. As a result the benefits of a three head deck were limited.

Of course it is possible that Naim might add an analogue input to future models of streamers. This would analogue inputs to be included in multi room audio. I think this is already possible with the Uniti and Muso ranges.

I have a Nakamichi DR1 that I use frequently with over 950 cassettes. Sound is very good. I have not recorded anything in years however.



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I still use tape as well, dragon and elcaset el7, so i need 2 tape inputs and outputs

Wow I’m amazed… I really didn’t think people still used cassettes…

Wish I’d kept all mine!


Very cool T-shirt!

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