Tape ooutput question

On a preamp, eg 252, is the tape line out unaltered by the pre?

ie. Tuner in directed to tape out via the pre is an unaltered signal (apart from any interference noise induced accidentally)?

The normal case is for the tape output to be affected only by input selector switches, and not by volume control or balance control, and to the best of my understanding from previous threads there is no difference with Naim. I would guess that the mute and mono buttons, if present, would also have no effect on the tape output, which would keep playing whatever signal is received at the selected input.

If the preamp has inbuilt phono stage, mm or mc, the initial amplification up to ‘line’ level, and RIAA compensation, would normally be applied to such input before going to the tape output, however IIUC the more recent Naim preamps devolve this function to an outboard “head” amp.


As IB mentions, it’s not affected by volume or balance. The tape output is buffered but otherwise it’s unaltered.

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